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Passion Licks 3 Flavor Kit


$44.97 $28.79

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Feast on your lover with three scrumptious lubes for your sensual delights!

Why choose between strawberry, cherry, and watermelon when you can have all three! This trio of tasty water-based lubricants is perfect for whatever sexual encounter you have in mind. Made without sugar or artificial sweeteners, Passion Licks are entirely body-safe! Add a little cherry flavoring and you’ll be giving your partner head for ages… and your sweet tooth will make you even better at it! Who doesn’t love a rim-job? Eat that asshole with more enthusiasm when it tastes like strawberries! When you’re done eating out that watermelon-flavored babe, slide your dick in! Passion Licks aren’t sticky, won’t stain, and you can use them with any material, even latex and silicone! For lovers of oral sex, this 3 flavor set will keep the juices flowing!

Passion Licks 3 Flavor Lubricant Kit specifications:

  • Size: 8 oz. each.
  • Completely body-safe.
  • Non-staining and compatible with all materials.
  • Includes strawberry, watermelon, and cherry flavors.

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