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Platinum Bound Steel Reinforced Embossed Metallic Paddle


Platinum Bound Steel Reinforced Embossed Metallic Paddle Platinum Bound Steel Reinforced Embossed Metallic Paddle
$16.99 $12.74

Deliver a hard, swift punishment with a paddle that stands out against the rest!

Perfect for disciplining your naughty plaything, this stiff paddle features a steel enforced design to allow you complete control. The exterior is embossed with a silver diamond pattern on one side, and smooth faux leather on the other. The handle has a loop for hanging or to wrap around your wrist while you administer their punishment. You sub or masochist will be begging for more, and only you have the power to give it to them.


"You've been a bad little bitch, and I'm going to have to teach you a lesson," I tell her as she picks up the shards of the plate she dropped. One of the cheap ones that we keep around for this reason alone. She tries to disguise her coy little smile as I grab her by the Platinum Bound collar and leash I made her put on when she got home. From the table I grab the matching paddle, stiff and daunting in my hand. She licks her lips as she eyes it. "Well, you know what to do," I tell her. She steps around the mess of porcelain and approaches the couch, spreading her legs, arching her back, and resting her hands against the back of the couch. I come up behind her with the paddle and give her a good, hard swat. She yelps, and then moans in pleasure. "Count them out!" She does so as I deliver another nine hard slaps. We're gonna have to buy some more plates soon.

Platinum Bound Steel Reinforced Embossed Metallic Paddle Specifications:

  • Materials: Vinyl, leatherette, steel
  • Measurements: 13 inches in total length, 2.5 inches in width, .25 inches thick

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