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Young Forceps


Young Forceps Young Forceps Young Forceps Young Forceps
$15.00 $11.00
Rating: (20 reviews)

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Rounded Open End Young Forceps With Removable Rubber Tips

Use these Young Forceps to create an ultimate clamp on any part of the body! Serrated rubber tips on the ends are removable for a gentler clip, or leave them in place for a more intense bite and extra texture. Near the handles, use the locks to create different levels of intensity and maintain it over an extended period of time. These forceps can be used on a variety of body parts such as the nipples, labia, penis or scrotum. Photos show forceps in use after rubber tips have been removed. Sold individually.

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Reviewed: Friday 20 January, 2017 by Anonymous

Yeooow. Got to the first click on both my smallish male nipples and it was very intense. I couldn't wait for my wife to take me hard with her strap-on to distract me from my nipples. But when she started really pounding me, the heavy forceps were dangling and bouncing around which further intensified the sensation. She had to gag me. Up to now, the Japanese clover clamps were the most intense nipple toy we had used. However, these forceps are in another league. If you can't quite close them, use rubber bands instead of cutting away the pancake patterned pads. These were a great buy!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 05 November, 2013 by Anonymous

I love these forceps! My nipples are way too sensitive to use them when they're clicked shut, though. These are definitely not for the faint of heart of you want to latch them down all the way. I typically use a band to close them at a comfortable angle. My partner loves using them to spread my lips and move my tongue during exams. They have a ton of uses and never fail to get me all hot n bothered.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 20 August, 2013 by Anonymous

This is a great product however I want to make sure it's clear that you only get one pair of forceps. I assumed from the picture that I would be two. The product is great and I recommend it however you will need to order two of them separately.

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Reviewed: Friday 31 May, 2013 by fetish pleaser

i bought there a bout a year ago and can't get anywhere past the 3rd click for too long but i do love the way my male nipples look after taking them off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the longest i've had them on for is on the 2nd click for about 30-45 minutes!!!!!! when i am done with them i'll use the niple enhancers i got a couple of years ago to do their job sometimes i'll leave them on for about an hour and they are soooooooo stiff after that that i can't put the forceps on until the following day or 2 later thanx for these products

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Reviewed: Friday 19 April, 2013 by Jimmy McClaren

Holy crap, these things are awesome! I've been constantly hunting for the perfect way to impress my nipples and i think these are the final solution! The last thing i did was hang 2 vice grips and event that doesn't compare. Took me 4 wimp-outs before I just said, "CLAMP!" And the sensation was mind-blowing! I could only keep em on for just under a minute, but when they came off, my nipples looked like ruffles pancakes! TOTALLY AWESOME! Taking the rubber out is a good way to warm up, but I would NEVER ruin them by cutting it. These are the best toys I've ever purchased! Incredible value! Get them before the word gets out - they are A+ #1 5-Star AWESOME!

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