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Tweezer Nipple Clamps


Tweezer Nipple Clamps
Rating: (11 reviews)

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Vinyl Coated Tweezer Nipple Clamps

Bring yourself to new heights by using the ring to adjust the tightness of the pinch and create the perfect level of pain for you or your sub. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, these will be a great addition to your toy box. Once you've put them on to the perfect tightness, pulling on the chain allows you to change sensation during play.

Credit: Erotic Photography by Ian Rath.

Specs for Tweezer Nipple Clamps:
The clamps are about 3 inches long.
The chain is 12 inches long.
The overall length is about 18 inches.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 16 October, 2013 by Kyle Phantasy

These clamps are great! I previously tried two other clamp types on my slave, with disappointing results. These clamps provide a wonderful amount of adjustment, both for nipple size and sensitivity.

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Reviewed: Thursday 07 February, 2013 by Marko BI

so far my favorite. One minor point... when skin is with oil... they tend to come loosen... drying the skinn around the nipple is than necessary. Pain and pleasure for my sensitive nipples is guaranteed..

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Reviewed: Saturday 24 March, 2012 by Anonymous

Attaching the tweezers clamps will let your slave know quickly who the boss is! This tool is great to have in your adult tool box.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 28 September, 2011 by dennis Welch

i consider myself to be advanced when it comes to Nipple torture. For years i have worn nipple clamps, along with weights and tethering and stretching my clamped nipples in all directions. i use a basic alligator clips with tension adjusting screws, connected with a nice weighted chain. i have used this setup for years now. One of the rewards of severe nipple abuse is, developing enlarged nipples. i have very large, pink mounds for nipples and love them. Unfortunately, the alligator clips no longer open wide enough for the huge nipple. In my quest for a new set of clamps that could not only handle the size of my nipples, but could also give me the extreme torture that my nipples required, i ran across the TWEEZER NIPPLE CLAMPS. Not thinking much of them, it wasn't until i attached them to my nipples and tightened them, that i realized how wonderful they were. And once i removed the vinyl coated tips, revealing it's jagged little teeth, is when i really became hooked !!! If if wasn't painful and torturous enough before, trust me it sure was now. i definitely recommend these for the beginner (w/vinyl coated tips on), intermediate and advanced (w/vinyl coated tips off).

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Reviewed: Thursday 01 September, 2011 by China Gurl

I used these on my husband and tightened them until his eyes began to water. He later told me that he could not take the pain, which confirmed what I could see in his eyes as I used them on him. Seeing him suffering like that made me so wet, I came all over the place a number of times. It was gorgeous to see my hubby helpless and submissive!

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