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Stainless Steel Nipple Vise


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Enjoy putting the squeeze on your partner's nipples with the Stainless Steel Nipple Vise

For those who enjoy nipple play, during sex, the Nipple Vise is an ideal way to apply some pressure to your partner's nipples. Simply place the nipple between the adjustable clamp and tighten. You can apply as much pressure as you wish.

Stainless Steel Nipple Vise Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 2.75 inch overall length (fully opened), 1.5 inches wide, Clamp adjusts internal opening from 0 to 0.97 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Note: Price is for one (1) Nipple Vise. Use quantity of 2 to purchase a pair
  • Apply as much pressure as you desire to your partner's nipples

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 14 December, 2016 by Anonymous

    Personally, I find these to be my favorite clamps for when I'm looking for pinch, but not so much the bite that comes with something like the Japanese clover clamps. I gave them 4 of five for a few reasons, all of which are pretty minor, but noteworthy. First, the way the pressure is applied, the column has a small metal bit that is somewhat loose to pull the bar up and down. The fact it's like that is probably just a matter of the design, but mine have a tendency for the column to come out of the metal piece, which then on occasion tries to escape/fall out, which would make them not work. So far i've always been able to find it though. The second reason is that sometimes they have trouble staying closed. while my breasts are somewhat on the more sizeable side at 34DD, I hadnt really anticipated this being an issue for the clamps. However, when my girlfriend puts them on me, she seems to have a slightly higher success rate - last night I wore them for hours while cleaning in my french maid costume, and wasn't allowed to remove them until I was done. When i put them on initially, the right one came open, which earned me a very red backside, but when the other popped, she had me kneel and put them both back on for me. After that, they stayed on no problem, and when she finally took them off my nipples were wonderfully sore and sensitive, so I do know itnis certainly possible to make them stay on for a good long time!

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    Reviewed: Sunday 11 December, 2016 by jordan davis

    OMG my bf makes me wear them , I hate them but he love them ,we make little bets and when I lose I get stuck wearing them ,we zip ties my wrist and pours wax over them , for as much as I hate them they work VERY WELL ALITTLE TOO GOOD

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 08 April, 2015 by Anonymous

    Love how they are adjustable. Always the perfect amount of pressure.

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    Reviewed: Monday 08 July, 2013 by Anonymous

    Not for the faint of heart. These things will clamp completely shut if wanted so the level of pain you can inflict is pretty limitless. Easy to put on and they will stay on if you want to pull and twist them. I enjoy them and my mistress loves how much pain they can actually inflict. My only quibble would be that the price is for one clamp only - don't see why you can't get a pair for one price but oh well, still worth it!

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    Reviewed: Thursday 31 May, 2012 by Anonymous

    The absolute best. They squeeze to any extreme,. Made my nipples larger and darker and harder. Sexually worth every bit the lprice.

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