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Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit


Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit Nipple Enlarger Ring Kit
$20.00 $14.99
Rating: (28 reviews)

Use the Perfect Fit Nipple Enlarger to create that secure enclosure for your nipples

Using a double bulb pump, this is enlarger is designed to give you full, erect nipples. Once you've enlarged your nipples to a desired size, use the included rings to keep your nipples in that sexy, erect state. There are four rings of various size so you can find the ideal fit for you.

When using the nipple pump, place the desired ring over the pump, prior to pumping. When size is achieved just roll the ring right onto your nipple and enjoy the visual and sexual appeal. Two differently sized pumps are included for a custom fit to any nipple.

Perfect Fit Nipple Enlarger Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Pumps are 2.63 inches long, Large Pump opening has 0.53 inch inner diameter, Small Pump opening has 0.35 inch inner diameter, O-Rings range from 0.33 to 0.54 inches inner diameter
  • Material: Rubber, Glass
  • Color: Flesh
  • You will receive 2 pumps and 8 rings
  • Pump your nipples until they're nice, full, and erect
  • Use the included rings to roll onto the nipple to maintain erection

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    Reviewed: Sunday 11 December, 2016 by Anonymous

    OMG!!!! These nipple bands are awesome. They make my nipples super sensitive. My husband can get a grip and pull and suck my nipples which makes me nice and wet. And my tits look great when I wear a t-shirt around the house.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 05 May, 2015 by Anonymous

    I just got this kit and had to try it out since I'm rather a nipple lover! I wasn't sure this would work for me since I have rather smallish nipples, but I took a chance and ordered it. This kit is great!! I swear my nipples with the rings on look just like the guys photo on the product! The rings pinch a little, but just enough to keep me hard as a rock! I highly recommend this product if you want to make your nipples stand up at attention and look really hot under a shirt!

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    Reviewed: Monday 09 September, 2013 by Anonymous

    i just recieved my enlarger rings and I must say they are great! I am a male and these enlarge my nipples to the size of an average woman. They feel awesome on as I walk and feel my tshirt rub aganst my erect nipples, and sooo sensitive! But what I really love is when I take them off! OMFG as the blood rushes back in my nipples never felt more invigorated, the pleasure and pain after wearing them for an extended period is fantastic! My only concern is the worry that the loss of circulation could cause them to fall off like a cows testicles when you band them LOL . Guess I'll just have to make sure not to go to bed with them on!

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    Reviewed: Thursday 25 April, 2013 by Kaysie Coffey

    these are definatly worth it. I admit i was skeptical at first but i decided why not. my bf could not stop looking at my breasts the entire day we were out.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 18 November, 2012 by Anonymous

    My husband loves my big breast. I thought this could be a fun way for us to play and add some excitement. I pumped my nipples and placed the rings on them, took a pic with my iPhone and sent it too him while we were sitting in a restaurant eating dinner. He was pleasantly surprised and said he couldn't wait to get me home. He kept looking at my erect nipples during dinner. He whispered in my ear while we were waiting to pay how bad he wanted to such on my hard nipples. His hands were all over me on the way home! We weren't home 10 minutes before we were having serious foreplay and had some of the best sex ever. It was amazing! I LOVE THE WAY THESE MADE MY NIPPLES FEEL!

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