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Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with O-Rings


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$20.00 $14.99
Rating: (7 reviews)

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Enjoy more erect nipples with these amplifier bulbs and O-rings

Enlarged nipples can add deeper stimulation during play. They become more sensitive and more apt to work with nipple clamps and other products. These bulbs are designed to help enlarge the nipple and then use the included rings to help the newly acquired size in place.

You first slip the ring over the pump and then enlarge the nipples. Once the desired size is obtain, you like the ring down and over the nipple. There are pumps of two different sizes to make sure most nipples are accommodated.

Nipple Amplifier Bulbs with O-Rings Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Pumps are 2.63 inches long, Large Pump opening has 0.53 inch inner diameter, Small Pump opening has 0.35 inch inner diameter, O-Rings range from 0.33 to 0.54 inches inner diameter
  • Material: Rubber, glass
  • Color: Black
  • Note: Includes two pumps and 8 rings
  • The pumps help enlarge the nipples and the rings keep them in place
  • Enlarged nipples are more sensitive and enjoyable during play

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    Reviewed: Thursday 10 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    Love these! They are super easy to use, I use the smaller bulb because my nipples are small. I like to use the smallest size O ring for an added bite but I like making a pyramid with all of the sizes too! For that I use the larger pump. My boyfriend loves to see them on me and we use them when we go out. He loves seeing my erect nipples through my shirt and it makes for great sex afterward! My nipples are so sensitive with these! Definitely recommend!!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 14 September, 2016 by Anonymous

    Just got them and put them on. Had them on for over 8 hours. Nipple were so sensitive and hot looking. Will order them again.

    Was this review helpful? 10   42

    Reviewed: Friday 14 August, 2015 by shak to

    These are great! Only the bigger bulb works with my gf's nipples, although you can use the smaller bands with it. I can see how now everyone's nipples would be shaped to fit, but when they do, these are fantastic. She loves getting them expanded and sensitive first with the nipple twister vacuum device, THEN putting these on. We did find a use for the smaller bulb - if you're careful, you can get the small ring on her clit, which is both very stimulating and aesthetically pleasing, but doesn't stay on well during rough sex. Again, enlarging the clit with the nipple twister ahead of time adds an extra boost.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 24 June, 2015 by Laura Delaney

    I love it. Thank you,

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    Reviewed: Saturday 17 January, 2015 by Anonymous

    Total disappointment. The bands cannot stay on no matter how long I keep the pump on before snapping the band in place. Could just be how my nipples are, could be a faulty set of bands. Who knows? Anyway, gonna say not to get these. The bands are crap and the two smallest ones were lost on the first day though the pumps do feel nice. That last part is moot though since they are hard to keep on and only come with one of the small and large pumps each.

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