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Fusion Triple Suckers


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$24.00 $19.95
Rating: (2 reviews)

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Enjoy this triple pack of suckers, ideal for nipples, clitoris, or anywhere else you want to increase sensitivity

This simple set of 3 suckers will help you increase blood flow and sensitivity to applied areas (for example, nipples and clitoris). There are no pumps or additional accessories needed. Just apply and turn the twist dial. These suckers are also lubed on the inside for a strong seal.

Fusion Triple Suckers Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Opening is 0.75 inches in diameter, tube is 2.35 long and entire item is 4 inches long
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Internally lubed for a strong seal
  • Just apply to desired area and turn the simple twist dial
  • Helps to increase blood flow and heightened sensitivity

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    Reviewed: Monday 21 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    The Fusion Triple Suckers are the best buy for the money as once your lady has them on her nipples, she's going to want the third one for her clit. We got in bed and right away my lady was toying with one of the suckers and telling me to hurry up and put it on. I used a little KY to help make a seal on her nipple and it worked. No problem getting a vacuum right off, just make sure you are careful to get it to seal. Next, gently turn the knob and let the suction build up and watch as her nipple gets pulled out more and more. When it is sucked enough for the first time, she'll say stop and stop for sure. Let a little time go by and continue. After a while, what may have started out as a totally flat nipple will have grown to the size of a marble and will hold it's shape. Now, the fun starts when you remove the sucker from her nipple and it is ready for you to suck for as long as you and your lady like. Repeat this for as many nights as you can to get her nipple to grow to it's own size and remain that way for days, weeks to come.

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    Reviewed: Friday 04 December, 2015 by Anonymous

    I bought these for my wife and they really make her nipples swell up nicely! I had a bit of a problem getting the thrid on to hang onto her clit...... But a great buy!

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