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Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps


Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps
$33.00 $24.95
Rating: (7 reviews)

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Ready for exciting sensation play; let these claw clamps go to work

Unlike traditional nipple clamps, or clamps of that style, these claw clamps offer a more intense sensation when used. The clamps are comprised of four slim fingers that are first exposed then placed onto the skin. When retracted back into the clamp, they'll close and grasp the flesh. It's a unique feeling that could add new depth to play with your partner.

Extreme Sensation Claw Clamps Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 2.85 inches in length, 0.3 inches max opening diameter
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Grey
  • Note: Contains (2) clamps
  • Offer a new sensational feel thanks to four slim fingers that clasp on the skin

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    Reviewed: Saturday 08 April, 2017 by Robert Bishop

    So I got these bad boys for my GF who is really into kinky stuff and has worn other types of clamps. She especially likes tweezer and clover types. These put her on a whole new playing field and erotic plane. We have sex parties and one of our favorite games with the other couples are blow job races. It got to the point where the ladies were using their hands too much and we wanted things to get back to strictly mouth, tongue, and teeth action. So we now cuff their hands behind their backs or to thigh restraints. We did start allowing the wearing of nipple clamps and when I first put these on my lady, she immediately went over the top. She loved the sharp pinch these clamps provided her pink babies and went absolutely crazy as she sucked me off. When I started pulling the chain that really set her off and she gave me the shortest - but must erogenous - orgasm ever. She gives the best sucks and fucks ever with the clamps working their magic on her ample nips.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 02 March, 2017 by Anonymous

    They don't tell you that they are adjustable. Well, they can they really bite. Ideal for regular use as they don't cause that crushing damage, just seriously do the job. They are better than those other 'wire' ones too. The best of over a dozen sets of clamps and only ones in use now. Excellent product and best yet.

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    Reviewed: Monday 06 June, 2016 by Nipple Pleasure Lover

    LOVEEEEEE....!!!!!! These are the most amazing nipple pleasure toy in the market. I use them so much I think I wore out the spring in one of the clamps.... Will buy again, wear for only a short time and your nipples are sexually out of this world sensitive. My nipples get so sensitive that when I wear a shirt the fabric rubs over them and makes my cock hard all the time... Its fun going out in public...

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 23 March, 2016 by Wired Nips

    HOT TIP: These devilish TT devices are adjustable! Pull back the plunger to expose the claws, place your finger in the claws to prevent them from turning, and then twist the plunger to adjust the spring tension. Adjust them so the claws protrude evenly to equalize the grip pressure. You can lessen the pinch or make those nips SCREAM!

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    Reviewed: Friday 11 March, 2016 by Suzie Sue Anonymous

    I have meny nipple toys, this one is one the best that have been used on me, iv only used this one about 3 times and each time iv not worn for very long, the pinch on it is enormusly powerful, wish the claws were slightly wider, so i could put them over all the nipple to the full extent...and my nipples are not that big. (i wish) ... The feeling of pain pleasure is very good, im sure the more i use them the longer i hope to ware them, once i have achieved that, i can then try them somewhere else.... Would i recomend these, yes you bet i would...........

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