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Black Japanese Nipple Clamps


black japanese nipple clamps
$20.00 $17.95
Rating: (17 reviews)

These stylish Black Japanese Nipple Clamps attach easily to your partner's nipples (or other parts) for the kind of sensation play that is only limited by their thresholds. Gone are the toys that just aren't enough! These clamps get tighter and tighter the harder you pull on that 12" chain. Simply squeeze the edges of each clamp and attach it to your partner's nipples, tongue, labia, or wherever your devious mind leads you. You can pull all you want, but they aren't coming off easily. Each clamp measures 3.5" in length and 1.5" in diameter.


He's got me tied up in intricate Japanese rope bondage, my tits bulging out and making me look like a blow-up doll. Just as He desires. "you're a pretty little slut, but I have something to make you even prettier." i can hear the chain clinking before i can see it. He dangles the Japanese Nipple Clamps in front of my face, like a hypnotist with a pendulum. But He's already got me under His control. i sigh deeply as He applies each of the clamps, willingly submitting to His sadism. The heavy chain weighs my sensitive little nipples down, and i look to him pleadingly. "I know what you want, love. I can read your mind." He pulls on the chain and the clamps tighten on my little buds-tighter and tighter as He pulls harder and harder. And just when i think i've had enough, He stops. "Or at least, I can read your body."

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Reviewed: Thursday 04 May, 2017 by Anonymous

OMG!! These clamps were barely out of the package before I put them on. They are amazing! They do have a nice "bite" to them. Will definitely need to build stamina for them. Have even a stronger bite to them when tits are bound or squeezed. Hurts so good! Makes me want to try some weights on them next!!

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Reviewed: Monday 15 February, 2016 by Anonymous

Something that the product description fails to mention is that they have little rubber teeth to prevent them from slipping off. These make the clamps even more intense, and, at least on my nipples, if you pull they will actually break the skin. I cut and filled the teeth down on my pair so that there is a smooth rubber surface and it's much more tolerable and they do not cause injury anymore. That being said, I love these things. They are great on labia, too! (My master has actually had me drag a textbook along behind me by my labia and it was amazing.) These provide quite an intense sting and they're not going to be slipping off by mistake easily (and be prepared for the removal to hurt more than wearing them!)

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Reviewed: Saturday 16 May, 2015 by Anonymous

All I can say is make sure you've got a high pain tolerance, these babies are wonderfully rough!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 14 January, 2015 by Airport Humiliation

Before going through security, my husband took me into the restroom, made me remove my shirt and bra, then clamped these onto my nipples. He had me redress wearing a baggy sweatshirt without a bra. I begged him to not force me to go through security this way because I knew I'd be caught. As I stepp into the booth the agent looked at me knowingly. He motioned me to step forward and asked if I was wearing anything metal under my shirt. When I said yes he asked what it was. I tried to quietly say nipple clamps. He loudly said, what are you wearing, speak up. When I answered several people turned and looked at me. I Was ushered into a private room with a woman agent where she ordered me to lift my shirt so she could inspect me. As I held my shirt up exposing my bare, clamped breasts she questioned me. She asked if someone put them on me. I said I did. She asked if I was required to wear them. I said yes I am. She asked why and I replied because I'm a slut. She shook her head and agreed that I was. She then had me remove my shirt and place my hands behind my head. She then proceeded to lift and squeeze each breast. She finally allowed me to dress. As I left the room and was several feet away she shouted out to me "next time don't wear nipple clamps going through security. Put them on once you're through."

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Reviewed: Friday 22 August, 2014 by Punished & Humiliated

My husband took me along on his business trip last week. When he left each morning, he stripped me naked, gagged me, cuffed my hands behind my back and hung me by my nipples on the coat hook in the hotel room barely on my toes. If I tried to put my feet down, it pulled so hard on my nipples. When housekeeping knocked on the door I panicked because I couldn't speak to send her away. In she walked, totally unphased, propped the door open leaving me in full view of anyone who walked by. She never spoke to me, but as she cleaned she would deliberately bump into me, jerking me and causing me to shriek in pain through my gag. She ran the vacuum into my feet making me jump from foot to foot. She left the door open while she left to get supplies for the room. Several men and women noticed me and took pictures. The next day, same thing, same housekeeper, but new hotel guests each day to laugh and take pictures.

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