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Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher


Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher
$20.00 $14.95
Rating: (4 reviews)

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A simple design, like the double bar pincher, can mean new unique experiences

Based upon an old technique of using two rods, and elastic bands, for pinching, this rod is ready to give your nipples the pinch that you crave. All you have to do is separate the two rods and place them where you want them. Then bring the rings closer to each other, to increase the pressure. Quick. Simple. Effective.

Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher Specs and Benefits:

  • Note: You get one Abacus Vice (comprised of 2 rods and 6 bands). If you wish to use them on both nipples at the same time, purchase 2.
  • Size: 8 inches in length
  • Material: Metal, rubber
  • Color: Silver
  • A simple and effective way to apply pressure to the nipples, labia, wherever you wish

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    Viewing 4 of 4 Reviews

    Reviewed: Monday 21 March, 2016 by Gary Jj

    I had these put on me for the first time during a session and I must say they provide a very nice pinch. Loved the feeling

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 29 July, 2015 by Anonymous

    I bought these as a gift he loves using them on me - they will make you sink to your knees in pleasure

    Was this review helpful? 27   52

    Reviewed: Wednesday 08 July, 2015 by DM LZ

    The bar pincher is amazing! I love nipple play and can orgasm from nipple play alone. I like hard biting when I'm really turned on - these bars do the trick! I also have large nipples and many toys just don't stay on or I can't get them on, these stayed on with no problem. They are great to use during masturbation or when my mans hands are elsewhere. He thinks they are pretty sexy too. Best nipple toy I've ever owned.

    Was this review helpful? 37   53

    Reviewed: Friday 24 October, 2014 by Punished Wife

    My husband put these on my nipples straight up and down then twisted them till they met in the middle of my breasts. He tied them together so that they'd stay that way...keeping my nipples tightly pinched and twisted. Holy ouch!

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