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Nipple Clamps with Removable Chain

SKU: AD793

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Nipple Clamps with Removable Chain

SKU: AD793

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Enjoy stimulating nipple play with these clamps that work with or without the accompanying chain... Read more...


Enjoy stimulating nipple play with these clamps that work with or without the accompanying chain

Give your sub a toy with many uses. These clamps can be attached to various parts of the body including the tongue, nipples, labia, scrotum, or anywhere else your imagination might take you. The chain that connects them is great for pulling on to elicit a reaction from your sub, but it can also be removed, leaving just the rubber-tipped pinchers in place to be tightened as much as you desire.


My sub is naked at my feet, staring up at me after licking my boots clean. "Good boy," I tell him, slowly pulling a lovely chain out of my cleavage. From between my breasts, two clamps emerge on either side of the chain. My sub's eyes widen like saucers, and his erection grows stronger. "You've been so good, that I might just let you get off, if you can handle these for a little bit." He nods emphatically, hungrily locking his gaze on the clamps. I unscrew each of them open and bend down. When our faces are level, I give him a long, passionate kiss while I apply the first clamp. Against my mouth, I can feel him wince slightly, and then relax into the pleasure and pain. I break away from the kiss and apply the next one, watching his cock as it throbs with each tight screw of the clamp. I give the chain between them a couple tugs and he gasps, before I step away to admire my work. "I should leave you here for a while, but you did such a good job cleaning my boots." I kneel down between his knees and remove the chain connecting the clamps. It allows me to rub my hands down his front without any interruptions, still watching as his nipples change color. Finally I reach down to his pulsing cock. "Time for your reward."

Nipple Clamps with Removable Chain Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Each clamp measures 3 inches in length, and opens to 0.5 inches wide. Chain is 12 inches in length.
  • Material: Metal, vinyl
  • Color: Grey
  • Each clamp has coated rubber-tipped pinchers that can be adjusted as necessary
  • The chain is detachable from the clamps, allowing new stimulating possibilities
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