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Keep your options open with this ring gag. The ring forces your subs mouth open, keeping them from speaking but allowing you to use it however you want! Perfect for anyone who loves those pretty sounds their sub makes, but is sick of hearing them talk back. You can have your cake, and eat it too! Useful if you prefer your sub with a gag in, but want to fuck their throat at the same time. You don't have to make choices, you can have it all! This ring gag is a nickel-plated steel ring wrapped in leather, secured in place by adjustable straps. Offered in 4 sizes, yet we recommend the medium for most people.


She's got a look in her eye, like she's going to get me back as soon as she gets out of this hogtie. She'll probably want to suck my cock until I'm about to cum, and then stop. She loves to writhe in arousal, but she also loves to watch me writhe. She can't say it while she's got the ring gag in her mouth, though. Her eyes follow me as I walk around her to her ass, exposed above her hogtied wrists and ankles. "Comfortable, sweetheart? I know you like to be in charge… but I also know you like this!" I bring my hand down hard on her ass and what might have been a curse, is just a desirous moan with the ring gag in. The sounds of her moans and groans, as I continue to spank her, are unbelievable with her speech restricted. I'm too turned on-I move back to her front and the mischievously vengeful look in her eyes is only overpowered by the lust. I pull my cock out of my trousers, hard and shove it past the ring into her mouth. Grabbing her by her hair, I fuck her throat as she continues to make those pleasure-filled noises that vibrate against my cock. When I pull out, her expression tells me that all she wants is more. But I release her head from my grasp and then her ankles and wrists from the hogtie. I remove the gag from her mouth and she says, "I fucking loved that… but I'm still gonna get you back." I was counting on it.
  • Small:
    • Inside Diameter: 1.2 inches
    • Outside Diameter: 1.75 inches
  • Medium:
    • Inside Diameter: 1.65 inches
    • Outside Diameter: 2.25 inches
  • Large:
    • Inside Diameter: 1.85 inches
    • Outside Diameter: 2.45 inches
  • Extra Large:
    • Inside Diameter: 2.05 inches
    • Outside Diameter: 2.65 inches

Available Options:
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Reviewed: Thursday 06 June, 2013 by Danny Spanker

Not the best gag in the market, but probably the best of its class. As with any ring gag, you can flip it flat with your tounge unless it is almost dangerously tight. My dick won't fit in it. Kind of an eh buy, but not for true ring gag fans.

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Reviewed: Friday 19 April, 2013 by Anonymous

I bought a large one of these, hoping to use it on my wife. I measured beforehand and knew it was going to be a close call. Sadly it didn't fit either us. It's too big for her mouth and my penis is slightly too large. Unless you know your partner has an extremely large mouth I would avoid getting anything bigger than the medium gag.

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Reviewed: Saturday 16 February, 2013 by mello moe

just received the medium sized gag. fits my mouth well, but not my master's member. no return is granted so we are stuck with it. we are disappointed but will do what we can. measure the penis before purchase to make a perfect match.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 15 August, 2012 by Anonymous

What size should I get??? I just purchased the XL and it doesn't fit in my mouth. It's way too big and the small is way too small! I am a Female and my man is a little over average? I want him to be able to comfortable glide in and out of my mouth. Thanks!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 10 July, 2012 by zippedy do da

@ Christian: you should be fine with the medium..... if that's too small, you can always cut off the leather binding on the ring and wrap a thin layer of grip tape around it (mainly if you are allergic to nickel). That's what i did.

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