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Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs


Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs
Rating: (2 reviews)
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Make sure you're packing in a sexy set of boxer briefs that are actually a harness!

Enjoy a more masculine and comfortable harness that you can wear under your clothes when you go out. This Harness is perfect for holding your packer to make you look on the outside like the man you are on the inside. When you're ready to fuck, switch out your packer for the dildo of your choice. You'll have full support in these boxer briefs.


I meet up with her at the club for our next date. She looks jaw-dropping in a tight, strappy dress and heels. We dance all night, her grinding up against me and feeling my packer in my Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs. The top of them peeks out of the top of my pants. "I love that," she whispers to me, running her hand down between us until she gropes my bulge. She knows it's a packer, but it turns us both on. When we stumble through her bedroom door later, she already has a dildo picked out that she wants me to use on her. I push it through the ring on the front of my boxer briefs while she strips. When she's naked, she looks so perfect that I can't resist giving her ass a few slaps. She moans, bends over, and gets ready to take my cock.

Boxer Style Packing Harness Briefs Specifications

  • Size: (Medium/Large) - Fits hips up to 36 inches in circumference
  • Size: (Large/X-Large) - Fits hips up to 38 inches in circumference
  • Material: cotton, spandex, rubber
  • Harness ring will stretch to accommodate most dildos
  • Easily house a packer or a dildo; works also as a strap-on harness

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Friday 25 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    This harness is epic. I've used a few different ones. The straps are always uncomfortable. For me and her. This harness fits extremely well and is great for just wearing a packer or using as a strap on. As a strap on it does exactly as it's supposed to. Especially if you have a proper dildo, flared base, the one I typically use doesn't have that and will on rare occasion slip free if we're being rough.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 03 October, 2015 by Anonymous

    I have used a lot of strap ons on different woman. It always hurt and was a pain in my butt for more than 3 hrs wearing the buckles or leather. This now feels amazing. I will be buying more. It felt comfortable when I was just sitting around. I felt like something was there. I even attached something and was taking some pics to tease my girl. She went crazy. When it came to thrusting and different positions it was up to the challenge and held amazing. I noticed I didnt flop out more than twice. I've had this for two weeks. The leather strap ons never held up to this standard it was like thrust flop thrust flop. Theses lasted the whole 5 hrs each use and she wasn't waiting for it it just came. I suggest if you go more than 2 hours especially if they like it ruff. See a chiropractor after to make sure your sacrum and vertebrae are aligned otherwise hello scoliosis is in the future. You gotta have a strong back to keep the sex life enjoyable. Good luck with theses you won't regret it.

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