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Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag


Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag
$40.00 $29.95
Rating: (2 reviews)

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Add more realism to your medical fetish scene, with the Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag

You most likely know this device as something doctors and dentists use to keep their patients mouths open. However, you can use this same device on your partner to keep their mouth open for more devious and playful purposes. The gag uses a hinge with a ratcheting feature, holding it securely in place. For additional comfort, this gag uses a black rubber coating (which also prevents the gag from slipping).

So get ready to see what's inside your partner's mouth with ease. Better yet, get ready to see what you can PUT in your partner's mouth, with ease.

Stainless Steel Jennings Mouth Gag Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 8 inches in total length, gag measures 5.75 inches in width, opens to 2.5 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel, PVC
  • Color: Black
  • Uses a black rubber coating for comfort and non-slipping
  • Has a secure hinge to keep your partner's mouth nice and open

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    Reviewed: Friday 14 February, 2014 by Anonymous

    Love this gag! While I am tied up my master blindfolds me, then puts an open mouth hood over my head. I cant see anything...He then placed this gag in my mouth and forces it open. I cant see anything so I don't know if his fingers, a dildo, a cock or cum is going in my mouth. It makes my pussy so wet when he sticks his cock all the way down my throat. This gag is wonderful for deep throating. Then he cums on my tongue while my mouth is forced open and leaves it there to drip off. This gag does not fall out and stays in place well with the black plastic coating.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 18 January, 2014 by Jonathan Cosby

    Very difficult to use. In order to fit in mouth with any use has to be very stretched and can't remain in position for more than a very short while. Basically would not recommend over many other gags. Fun for short period however.

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