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The Head Honcho


The Head Honcho The Head Honcho The Head Honcho
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Endorsed by the host of "Talk Sex", Sue Johanson, the Head Honcho is a silicone masturbation device that stimulates the cock and keeps a comfortable grip. The Head Honcho is made of silicone and keeps a tight yet stretchy feel. This means that it will fit snugly around the cock, putting a nice feel on your shaft. The 5" silicone shaft has 3 suction cavities for greater stimulation during use. Find out why this masturbator is so highly recommended by a popular sex talk host, Sue Johanson yourself.

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Reviewed: Thursday 10 January, 2013 by Teah-Jay Cartwright

Works like a charm, a little lube goes a long way. Only issue is with cleaning. You have to flip it inside out and after a few times of doing this it is coming apart inside. Going to need to replace it after only a couple months use. It is very jelly like which might put some people off but I find it to be a very intense finisher. If not for the durability issue I would would rate it 5 stars.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 04 September, 2012 by Always Horny

After I had an orgasm, my gf wanted to make me orgasm again,she stuffed my limp cock in it and within minutes I painfully came again (with pleasure of course). that is when this is a good buy.

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Reviewed: Thursday 01 September, 2011 by Anonymous

I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel with head honcho and KY warming jelly. The shape and internal felling is beyond fanastic. I keep it a special location so my wife cant fing it. I only use it when reveling. The key is to put a small amt. of lube internally and push deeper as you get ready blow the lid off and shout out.Truly hours of thorough self satisfaction ia ver short time

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Reviewed: Monday 17 May, 2010 by Anonymous

Sadly, I got one of these and found it was allot like making love to a gummy bear. I would save your money on this one. It's hard to use because it is to gummy to get a grip on and the way the inside feels it really doesn't do much for me. Don't get me wrong I have no medical defects. If you are going to do anything get a Flesh Light. By buying this product you are only delaying it's discontinued existence. It is products like this that make men thing twice about trying toys. Don't get fooled.

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Reviewed: Monday 23 November, 2009 by Happy Ending

I have been chastity for over two years and the only way I am allowed to climax is thru masturbation. This is one of the best feeling mastubation devices I have been allowed to use. I only wish it was longer, I really crave deep penetration and have not had any since I was chastisied. The clean up is easy since you can turn in wrong side out. I have to lick it clean before I am allowed to wash it.

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