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Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker


Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker
$74.99 $56.99
Rating: (4 reviews)
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Enjoy a unique masturbation experience, with the Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker

With an ergonomic design, and friendly grip, this auto stroker is designed to do all the work in masturbation. Lube up your cock, slip it inside, and choose your ideal stroke speed. The stroker offers a combination 30 speeds and patterns, for your ideal hand job experience (that doesn't have to tire out your own hand).

The interior of the chamber is lined with ridges for additional stimulation. The chamber is specially designed to wrap around your cock for full intense pleasure.

Vibra Head Bionic Auto Stroker Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 8.5 inches in total length, 4 insertable, 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • Material: TPE, ABS
  • Color: Red
  • Batteries: Requires (4) AA batteries, not included
  • The stroker offers a combination of 30 speeds and patterns
  • Enjoy the pleasure of a hand job, without exhausting you (or someone else's) hand
  • The interior is lined with ridges for extra stimulation; the chamber is designed to fully stimulate the cock

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 08 November, 2016 by M DH

    This is a very good toy: a powerful vibrator in the form of a stroker. It was an instant success for me. I have tried other male sex toys of this kind (stroker / artificial vagina / penis sleeve combined with electric vibrations) but they did not do much for me. This one does. I think it's because (1) the vibrator is powerful - much more so than the vibrating eggs (designed for a female clitoris rather than a male glans) that are delivered with most male toys, (2) the vibration is delivered very close to the glans - in other toys I tried it was separated from the relevant body part by half an inch of soft rubber, absorbing most of the power (3) the shape of the sleeve and it's texture are just right. To my amazement, the shape of the chamber is horizontal rather than vertical as a vaginal slit. Nevertheless it works very fine. I can start inserting my un-erected dick, and then the vibrations will give me an erection very rapidly. It will not get me off all by itself: the experience is not 'hands free' in the most literal sense. I don't do much stroking with my hands, my favorite technique is to clamp the device between pillows, lay down on it, and fuck it. Its rounded shapes and soft surface feel comfortably when it touches your body. I find I mostly use only one (the constant buzz) of the 30 vibrating patterns. One doubt I have: the chamber is not adjustable or flexible. For me, a very average hung man, it fits just right, but if you're larger or smaller, perhaps it might not. The device is not watertight, but the buttons and the battery compartment are sufficiently far away from the chamber entry, so cleaning the chamber with running tap water is easy. The chamber is large enough to let fingers, brush, rag and towel in for cleaning. I have had the device only for a few days now, but it is strong and robust, there are no parts that can easily break, so I think it will last a long time. And to mention a final advantage: its rounded red exterior looks good, strong and sexy! This toy is a delightful male version of that most successful sex toy: the female vibrator. Now I as a male can enjoy the experience I used to envy women for!

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 19 July, 2016 by Anonymous

    It's ok, but not spectacular. It doesn't seem to have enough happening. It may get things started, but will not finish things off without a lot of moving it around by hand. Which kind of defeats the purpose of not needing your hand.

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    Reviewed: Friday 29 April, 2016 by Anonymous

    I really like this toy. It as been reliable. I have had it for several months and used it nearly every day, and (so far ) it has not failed. It vibrates on the head of the penis without automatically stroking, but it feels really good, even when I have only a partial erection. For me, it was well worth it.

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    Reviewed: Monday 27 July, 2015 by Anonymous

    My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship off and on most of the year, so I bought this for him while he was gone over the summer. He loved it! Haven't had any complains from him so far =)

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