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Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker


Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker
$131.99 $98.99
Rating: (4 reviews)

Men can enjoy premium masturbation pleasure, with the Ultra Bator stroker

This device does more than simply stroke you to completion. The Ultra Bator is design to offer stimulation in a variety of ways. The Ultra Bator features 3 speeds of swirling, rotation, sensation, along with an up and down stroking.

The chamber has textures that will please with every moment, and a clear exterior (around the chamber) so you can marvel at the action taking place. The Ultra Bator is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, and uses a control pad so you can set it at the desired levels.

Ultra Bator Thrusting and Swirling Automatic Stroker Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 10.5 inches in total length, 2 inches in diameter
  • Material: TPE, ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Batteries: Requires 4-AA batteries, not included
  • Features 3 speeds of rotation, plus an up and down stroking motion
  • Textured inner chamber stimulates with each movement
  • Designed to fit comfortably in the hand during use

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 12 April, 2017 by Anon ymous

    the clicking noise happened to me as well, when i first used the bator without lube, because i dont use lube normally. i pulled out the silicone piece, straightened it out, reinserted it, used lube this time, and it worked just fine. especially amazing ehen combined with a vibrating wand to the base of the my member. i sat stunned for ay least 2 minutes as i held it on my head. pure bliss!

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    Reviewed: Saturday 13 August, 2016 by Anonymous

    When I recieved this magnificent innovation I was very excited, I put yhe batteries in ,got some lubricant at the ready and turned this thing on Watching it rotate was hypnoyic in a way and I slipped it on . I layed down and let it do it.s thing. Truly a fantastic feeling throughout my entire body . Changing speeds, easy and it seemed to have created it;s own suction vortex. I became an official convert and when going solo, my hands would now be spectators only. However, something happened on the way to solo nirvana. After using about 7 times that first 3 weeks i was forbidden to use it for a month by my Domme She took the batteries and locked it up in a safe . When I was allowed to use it again, i put the batteries in , turned it on and the cylinder began to get stuck on rotation and it made very loud clanking noises that could be heard two rooms away. I could not fix the problem as i didnt know what was going on inside the ultra bater. I was really disappointed. It was a savior from what i thought was an onset of a 'limp bisquit" syndrome That machine showed me all was well, Now, it is a hit or miss without it around anylonger . It's loud noise and stopping rotation was to much troubl and has to trash the 100.00 miracle.I truly miss the benefits it provided my psyche and soul. Maybe I recieved a lemon but given the opportuniy, i would be an avid user and probably addicted for the wonderful feelings it produced in a short time.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 13 July, 2016 by Anonymous

    well i finally received my toy was not sure if it would work as most toys i buy online turn out to be no good and dont work but i wanted to try it even though im sick with a nasty cold and was not even in the mood,but i gave it a try and omg i didnt even last 2 min before i lost my load sure glad i bought it just hope it last long time

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 27 October, 2015 by Anonymous

    Thank goodness I decided to buy this product. i am tempted to buy another one as a back up or place it in my vehicle. i bought this product 5 months ago and so far i haven't had any problem yet. really easy to use and powerful enough. i sometime use it for stroking without turning on the device. i use SexFlesh Masturbation Lube (AC844) with it.

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