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Super Head Honcho


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The Super Head Honcho is an upgraded version of one of the popular male masturbation toys, which is also endorsed by Sex Talk host Sue Johanson. For starters the Super Head Honcho is longer. The original Head Honcho was 5" in length; the new Head Honcho is a full 6" in total length. The Super Head Honcho also has three new suction chambers designed to give your cock quality stimulation during masturbation.

To use, slide your cock into the silicone chamber. The stretchy feel will make using this device not only comfortable, but you will be able to maintain a grip that allows the Honcho to do its magic over your shaft. As you stroke your cock, the beaded innards of the Head Honcho will massage and stimulate your shaft. When you're ready to ejaculate just use the opening on the other side of the Honcho. It easily cleans and stores for your next use.

Specifications: The Super Head Honcho is made of phthalate-free silicone.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 February, 2016 by Anonymous

My wife surprised me with this and to say it feels good is an under statement. She takes great pleasure in sliding my cock out the end and sucking me as she strokes me. Double bonus, I slid my cock out the end then I lube her pussy up and fuck her with the honcho still on! She loves how full her pussy feels and really gets us both off! So when this one is wore out we'll be ordering another.

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Reviewed: Monday 18 January, 2016 by Anonymous

My lady and I were apart for 3 weeks due to life happening. I was on the site looking to get her a glass dildo, when I decided maybe there was a more enjoyable way for me to masturbate when we are apart. I decided on the Head Honcho...luckily for me, it showed up quickly, as I was anxious to try it out. What a gadget! The best orgasm I have ever had by myself! This thing is incredible....if you insert from the big end, and ram it all the way down, the big end wraps up against you and feels very similar to bottoming out in a woman! Amazing.....or going from the other end, gives a very different feel, but also great. A plus for me was the fact that it makes some very hot obscene noises while in use, further enhancing my solo experience! I lube up real well before use, and it is so good! Also, when ready to ejaculate I can just pop my cock head out the other end, or just pump my load right into the H H, its real easy to clean up. Speaking of popping my cock head out the other end, that is a great sensation while using the toy as well. In short, I love this toy...the only drawback is I want to use it often, and at my age if I do myself too often it does not enhance my ability to please my partner when we are together (the glass dildo will most likely give an assist there though!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 04 December, 2013 by Martha Brock

I was looking fun for something for my husband for his 30th and happened across Super Head Honcho on Talk Sex. I have vibrators and toys, grew up on them, but he has never been into that. It helped him become an avid masturbator again. He didn't masturbate half as often as he used to but I could tell he still has the need to ejaculate often. I could see crust from semen in most of his shorts which, he explained, were from frequent erections he was getting. He actually carried xtra shorts for those times he ejaculated unexpectedly. Sitting too much at the computer in his office causes him spontaneous erections that can culminate in an ejaculation if he is not careful. He'll then have to change his shorts to carry on. I suggested he needed pay attention to his body and masturbate more often. He occasionally masturbated when the urge is strong but intercourse is inconvenient I am not available. I was worried about his sexual and prostate health as mush as his pleasure. I thought that this might make it more pleasurable and convenient for him so he would masturbate more. We tried it several times together and I encouraged him until he became comfortable using it. I was truly surprised how quickly he took to it, how hard it made hie erection and how much he ejaculated. That's how he is during intercourse but you can see it like you can with this device. Because of the sensation and intense ejaculations he gets from it, he uses it all the time now. He is masturbating more than when we met in his 20s and he feels like a new man. Best of all, he carries it with him because, when the need arises while he is out and about, convenience counts. We still enjoy regular intercourse together the normal 3-5 times a week but in between and when we miss a session, he enjoys his Super Head Honcho morning, noon and night. I'm so happy for him so thank you for helping my husband.

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Reviewed: Thursday 29 November, 2012 by Anonymous

Incredibly versatile, keeps you coming back for more; fast and easy to clean. Remember to use lubricant, without lube it won't be effective. I named my Honcho - it's that good!

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Reviewed: Thursday 11 October, 2012 by Anonymous


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