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Zeus Electrosex Penis Strap


Rating: (2 reviews)

Zeus ElectroSex Penis Strap for an electric erection

The electro penis strap snaps on just like a cock and ball strap to hold an erection, but with an extra charge! Bi Polar design makes it easy to use with or without other accessories.

Now it comes with a free universal adapter so it works with all our electrosex power boxes.

How-To: Learn how to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm with the ElectroSex Penis Strap!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 16 April, 2013 by Anonymous

Sounds like the first review might be bragging.. ;) Anyway, this a great item, but MUST be used with caution as at high settings it can and WILL cause 3rd degree electrical burns, even when using the conductive gel (which is a MUST) and at high settings. The problem is, even at the looser setting, the gel is squeezed out from under the metal studs, causing direct skin contact. Electricity flows from negative to positive (the penis strap is negative) so the burns will occur on the penis. The solution is simple. Get some material such as a Shamwow or microfiber dust cloth and cut a strip slightly wider than the strap and encircling the erect penis with a little overlap. Apply conductive gel to both sides and work into the fabric. Apply gel to both straps of the device. Attach the back strap around the cock and balls at a comfortable setting. Wrap the soaked cloth around the penis where the front strap will go, then attach that strap at a comfortable setting. (The cloth is not needed with the back strap as the electricity has dispersed through the tissue). Start low and work up..... don't try to "overpower" the machine. You actually get more pleasure working up due to properties of the nervous system. The cloth may be washed and reused. Hope this helps! As always, have fun and BE SAFE! :)

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 August, 2012 by Anonymous

Thought it might be something I would like. After receiving it I think who ever designed it should have checked on how it would work or watched what was being manufactured. The strap that goes around your cock has 2 sets of female snaps. There's no way to use this product as shown. [ Editor's Note: If your unit arrived defective, please keep in mind that we have a 30 day warranty against defects. This is especially applicable if the unit was manufactured incorrectly. ]

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