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Zeus ElectroSex Clamps


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Rating: (8 reviews)

Zeus ElectroSex clamps have an electric grip!

These fine electro-play clamps will round out your selection of versatile electosex toys! Two lightweight plastic clamps with rubber on one edge feel very sexy to even wear alone. Great for use on the most sensitive private areas and can stimulate great pleasure if used correctly. The design makes it easy to use with or without other accessories. One set of two clamps works on one circuit. One clamp is the negative pole and the other positive.

Compatible with Zeus ElectroSex power units and accessories. Also compatible with Folsom units using separately sold in-line adapter (product number KE110).

The Zeus ElectroSex clamps come in a pair with a Tens pin lead wires for connecting to a powerbox

Caution: We advise you not to use e-stim devices above the waist as dictated in most electro sex guides. People with heart conditions should not use this product.

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Reviewed: Thursday 20 February, 2014 by Sir Jon

Like a lot of people have stated, the clamps aren't super strong, and they do have trouble staying attached to slick parts... the easy fix? Wrap a rubber band around the clamp.. you can adjust it for whatever pressure you could ever want. However, they work as advertised and have added a great new dimension to our electroplay.

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Reviewed: Thursday 19 December, 2013 by Chuck A Lotte

No review here but just a note of congrats to Jere. I was once disabled and went 2.5 years without sex or even sexual stimulation and it is HELL. We should all be sending him our best in thought or prayer in happiness for him and her!!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 10 September, 2013 by jere timm

I bought the zeus power pack and the clamps plus other items torpedo(butt) the clamps were a bit weak so I banded them giving them good tension now..I was recently castrated and was told I may never have another orgasum,however with the zeus only set on med and the cup setting i inserted the torpedo and clamped my nipples turned on the hand set and with min. without an erection I had my 1st climax since being castrated two years ago, It was a dry ejuculation but nonthe less it felt great..I have the catherters and other toys but I can get the best effect by jacking off and the nipple clamps plus the torpedo on my prostrate, my urologist was amased that I could reach a orgasum after being castrated for two years...thank you jeri P.S. I have not been able to reach a hands free ejuculation..

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Reviewed: Monday 07 May, 2012 by Anonymous


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Reviewed: Friday 23 March, 2012 by Anonymous

The springs are very weak and don't stay on well. I intended for nipples, but don't hold well.

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