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Zeus Electrode Penis Pads


Rating: (8 reviews)
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Stimulate the cock during e-stim play using these Zeus Electrode Penis Pads!

Electrostimulation can be a great source of sexual pleasure for partners. The sensation of e-stim have caused most to experience heightened and more intense orgasms. These penis pads are ideal for men who want to use e-stim in an innovative way to "jerk off".

The pads can be strategically placed anywhere along the shaft. When placed in the right locations (all dependent upon you) sending e-stim pulses between both pads can cause a sensation similar to masturbation. With this sensation, men can experience hands-free stimulation and orgasm. You can feel free to place the pads anywhere on the cock to discover new sensations.

This product is designed to work immediately with all Zeus Electrosex power boxes (sold separately).

Zeus Electrode Penis Pads Specs and Benefits:

  • You receive 2 pads per pack ordered
  • Size: Each pad measures 2" in length and .5" in width
  • Adheres easily to the cock
  • Designed to work immediately with all Zeus Electrosex power boxes
  • They are to be placed along the shaft
  • Can create a sensation similar to masturbation
  • Men can experience hands-free orgasms

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    Reviewed: Thursday 12 June, 2014 by Anonymous

    THESE are the pads you want to get if you are looking for penile Estim. They use adhesive strips which give and move enough to make them much more comfortable than others that use bands. By placing one on the corona and the other on my taint and gently pushing the one on my taint a little I was able to feel the current throughout my ENTIRE penis going from the inches of shaft inside me all the way to the tip of my head. It was completely lit up and drove me insane.

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    Reviewed: Monday 19 May, 2014 by Ty Marc

    I tried the bands but find these easier to use. Now that I have used my E-etim for few months I now come hands free but the orgasm lasts longer like it does not want to stop and the jizz just keeps pouring out of my cock. I think this has becime a great habit.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 22 October, 2013 by Electro lad

    I purchased these originally and were great, best way to have a HFO. But I bought some more recently and the quality was poor, the backing came away from the rubber and made them useless.[ Editor's Note: You have a 30 day warranty against all defects. If a product proves defective in the first 30 days of use, please contact our customer service about a replacement. ]

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 10 April, 2013 by Anonymous

    The pads are awesome. After a bit of experimenting I am now able to cum within 3 minutes. I have the top pad on the front under the head and the bottom pad on the base at the back of my penis. I bought a butterfly vibrator for my wife last year and she has worn this sometimes when we go out and I have used the remote to give her orgasms when we have been in public places. So, a couple of months back we went out and walked along the promenade together. I had the pads on my cock under my clothes with a condom fitted over the top of my cock and over the pads. I was able to cum really hard in my jeans as we walked along. My knees got really shaking and I had to sit down right away after. Since then I have used this to masturbate discretely in public many times. My wife and I have had a lot of fun with this. Thanks Zues!

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    Reviewed: Monday 19 November, 2012 by Anonymous

    Had these and the Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box for a while now. Was never able to achieve orgasm, but it felt good. So over the last week I actually waited 4 days without cumming before trying, I think I read that you should wait 5 on one of the other products thats why, I slipped in an Aneros Progasam, put one band on the head and one on the base(both on top) and got a good strong hands free orgasm finally. Not sure if the Aneros was needed, but I like having something to 'clamp down on'. It seems to help so I try to use it everytime. I also use Spectra 300 gel. I push down on the bottom band for the majority of the session, set it to cupping, and slowly increase the power. I seem to hit 'plateaus' at the various levels so I then bump it up a notch. Sometimes I get pretty high up and it's intense so I bump it back down a bit before achieving orgasm. Pushing down on the bottom band gives a totally different feeling. It feels like it's going 'deeper', sometimes feeling like it's vibrating my balls. Yesterday was the first time, I had an orgasm then thought I'd need to wait till later in the week to try again. But a few hours later I got the urge to try again and I had another. Then today I did another, then like 15 mins later I got the tingling feeling to try again and I had yet another. Four in two days. :) Think I'm addicted now. Oh, and despite having some trouble keeping them in place I prefer these over the bands. Didn't care too much for those.

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