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Wet Platinum 3.1oz


Rating: (14 reviews)
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Wet Platinum is Wet's Premium formula.

It feels so good! Great for masturbation and sex! This formula allows masturbation or sex to be more pleasurable and can lead to stronger orgasms. It stays silky longer than any water-based lubricant and never dries. It's silky smooth, 100% pure silicone formula is latex friendly and works great under water. Try it and we doubt you'll ever go back.

Size: 3.1 oz

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Reviewed: Friday 25 April, 2014 by Marco Freire

Best lube I ever used, super slick and never dries. WARNING: Do not use any silicone based lubes on silicone toys. The lube will react to the toy and become toxic and will destroy the toy over time. I know because it happen to me. Google it if you don't believe me.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 15 August, 2012 by matthew jordan

after reading a review about silicone lubes destroying silicone sex toys, i decided to try it myself. i did some tests. here's what i found. most sex toys are made of TPR or TRE ( thermosplastic rubber or thermosplastic elastomer). I purchased WET brand lube. It did nothing to TPR or TPE. I also have some food grade/med grade silicone samples that I ordered from Dow Corning. Guess what, it didn't ruin them either? so for the guy who is saying WET lube will destroy your toys, I think he should test it before spreading bad information out there. now if you soak your toy in lube for days and days, then maybe. who knows. But for my tests, nothing. And remember, after using your toys, you should wash them off anyway, regardless of lube.

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Reviewed: Sunday 24 July, 2011 by Anonymous

The lube itself is amazing... But the bottle it is shipped in is terrible for the 3.1 oz bottle. I ordered one with a dildo and the lube had leaked out and all over the inside of the box and soaked through to the outside of the box... So the box was noticeably....... Lubricated. Loss of product on the small bottles is a large down side. Just ordered the large bottle with a pump, hopefully it doesn't get all over the place while being shipped.

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Reviewed: Saturday 10 April, 2010 by Grey Malkin

Truly, a top of the line lube. I wouldn't recommend any other...with one exception. Do NOT, under any circumstances, use this with other silicone-based products (contrary to other reviews). Silicone lubes will DISSOLVE silicone toys. If anyone tells you otherwise, they're a Schadenfreude.

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Reviewed: Thursday 18 March, 2010 by rj littmann

this stuff is amazing i use it on my strap on and it never wears off

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