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Chrome Lock


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Keep your bondage gear securely closed with this chrome lock

Making sure that your bondage gear is securely closed shouldn't be difficult. With the chrome lock, you'll be able to keep your bondage gear closed tight. The shine of the lock adds to the visual appeal during bondage play.

Chrome Lock Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 1.5" in length, less than 1" in width
  • Material: Chrome
  • You get one lock and one key

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    Reviewed: Saturday 19 November, 2011 by Anonymous

    Simple, sturdy, and attractive, exactly what I was looking for. My boy's pretty strong, but he can pull and pull on these and they keep him right where I want him, but when it's time to let him out, they pop right open. At this price, I had no problem ordering four - one of them arrived broken, but ER replaced it for me and I haven't had a problem since.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 25 April, 2010 by Anonymous

    I like these a lot. I ordered one to try it out on a locking leather cuff, and then came back to order a few more for my whole set. They're nice for smaller sized locks, and they're attractive -- they look good with the hardware on my cuffs and so far I haven't had any problems with them scratching. In addition to the keys they come with, I've found you can also unlock them using standard double-locking handcuff keys and/or Zak tools, which is nice. It's a pain to be fumbling around with tiny keys, especially when your hands are sweaty or your sub has used a safeword and wants out of the gear asap. I paid almost twice as much for a similar lock from a different site, which actually ended up being a little smaller and didn't look as good with my cuffs. I hope this site will continue to carry these in case I need more in the future.

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