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Impaler Locking Spiked Ball Stretcher

SKU: AE450

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Impaler Locking Spiked Ball Stretcher

SKU: AE450

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Pull your sub's balls through this devious device to mix a little pain with his pleasure!... Read more...


Pull your sub's balls through this devious device to mix a little pain with his pleasure!

Stretch out your slave's balls with a stainless steel instrument that reminds them exactly their place and whom they belong to! This ball stretcher heavily pulls down on your sub's scrotum, locking in place and separating his balls. You hold the keys to his satisfaction! Six screws provide points of pressure around the tender flesh of his sack. Use the included allen wrench to adjust the screws until the points are digging and getting the reaction that you want! You can also remove the screws to use this device as a standard ball stretcher, locking those balls up until you decide to show mercy!


When Mistress wants to remind me of my position as her fucktoy, Her favorite device is the Impaler Locking Spiked Ball Stretcher. She roughly pulls my scrotum down and clamps them in the steel ring. Already i can feel the screws poking me, but i know that's only the beginning. She secures each of my testicles on either side of the separator. "So that I have better access," She says. my skin feels hot and my cock wants to get hard, but i keep my composure until She gives me permission. She suddenly has the allen wrench in Her hand and begins screwing eh of the little spikes in until they are digging into my tender flesh. i wince and pant, feeling my cock getting hard despite the torment. "That better not be what I think it is," She growls. i desperately try to get myself under control for Her. In response, She begins screwing the spikes in even further and i moan, but my erection does exactly what She wants it to. That's all that matters.

Impaler Locking Spiked Ball Stretcher specifications:

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Measurements: 1.25 inch inner diameter, 1.5 inch wide band. Screw points can be adjusted to protrude up to .5 inches into the interior of the ring
  • 6 screw points for pressure from all directions
  • Screw points can be removed and used as standard ball stretcher
  • Also includes lock, keys, and allen wrench
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