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The Man Handler


The Man Handler The Man Handler The Man Handler
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Dildo with Handle

The Man Handler makes fucking so easy. Its comfortable grip allows you to use the strength of your arm to easily penetrate your partner.

The grip end can also be used for insertion, its nubs provide a different feel than the shaft which is realistically detailed.

Specs: The shaft is 9 inches long, 1.75 inches in diameter and 14 inches in total length

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Reviewed: Tuesday 03 February, 2015 by Some Guy

We've had this a few years and it's feels good as a slow in-and-out toy, but awesome for deep probing of my backside. When I want to feel full, this fills the void. When she wants to see my ass filled but does not want to use her fingers, hand, or strap-on - she uses this. The girl can make me squirm with this. She gets to the end and gently twists and pulses it in even deeper. It will turn that corner and keep going farther - I can take it to the hilt of the handle. It feels great for a few minutes, at which point I give up. I made a harness that holds this inside me - an O-ring at the back wraps around the handle and a lock keeps everything in place around my waist. I did some self-bondage once by putting this in and then adding a pair of tight spandex shorts (with a hole in the right place). Then I locked my ankles spread to a weight-lifting cage, and lock my wrists over my head. I stood there for almost 30 minutes before I got released, and I wanted this thing out of me before 5 minutes were up. The experience was intense - so intense that I have only tried it one other time. That said, it felt so good that I fantasize about doing it again. Soon. The girl and I sometimes wrap two condoms over the end that has been made wider using tissues or TP. The bulge goes in and I/she can run up and down past my prostate. I usually cream pretty fast.

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Reviewed: Friday 14 November, 2014 by AF Blew

One of my favorite toys. Just the right size for deep penetration and if you trim the shield by the handle you can take almost the entire length. I tied a thin cord around the handle and pushed all of the dildo up my a** plus four inches deeper.

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Reviewed: Sunday 25 December, 2011 by Anonymous

I've used one of these for years. Goes nice and deep, and can be turned with lots of lube. Not for sharing, these are too porous. I got the flesh, it got stained, even though I always enema out first. You have to enema first, to make room for it. Get the black, so the stains won't show. I have even put a metal ring next to its head for added stimulation. It does scare lovers, tell them before you show it to them The flare next to the handle ought to be 90 degrees different to fit between the cheeks better if someone ever remolds these.

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Reviewed: Saturday 21 May, 2011 by Anonymous

Too floppy to really do any fast fucking. The wife and I have used this as warm-up, but once - with little warning - she pressed and screwed this thing into me all the way to the handle base. She was hard but careful. I was hooked. It's skinny and flexible enough that once you hit "the point", a little coaxing will get it around and into the bend. Then it keeps going some more. I use this now for those times I want really deep penetration. Deep, as in colonoscopy deep. This is the real value of this toy. I would have given three stars as a fucking toy, but I give five as a penetration toy.

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Reviewed: Saturday 16 January, 2010 by cocky noname

I have had this for almost a year and always had dun with it, but never could get it in all the way. Woke up horny this morning, lubed up and was finally able to take this big dildo all the way to the base, resulting in a no-hands orgasm. This toy just got better than it already was!

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