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The Intimidator Anal Plug


Rating: (27 reviews)

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Step up to the challenge and use the Intimidator Anal Plug!

If you're into anal play and you want something that's going to give you a full stretch and plenty of stimulation, then step up to the Intimidator Anal Plug. The Initimidator uses a smooth Silagel material and a ribbed design to give you full sensations during use.

As you slide the Intimidator deep into the anal cavity, the plug will expand in size. Imagine that full feeling you will have when you reach the bottom.

The Intimidator Anal Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 11" in length, tapers to 3.75" in width
  • Material: Silagel
  • Uses a ribbed designed for quality anal stimulation
  • This product is anti-bacterial, non-toxic, latex and cadmium-free
  • Specially designed for advanced anal play users

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    Reviewed: Saturday 02 January, 2016 by Anonymous

    I love this toy. I bought it for my sub. She loves anal and especially loves feeling full. She was nervous when she first saw how big it was. But, with it didn't take long for her to start riding it. She was able to take it half-way down on the first time. It stretched her anus farther than ever before. Now, I can fuck her ass with no problem at all. She begs me to use it on her every time we play now. This is a must buy for extreme anal lovers.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 12 November, 2015 by J Mc

    This is by far my favorite toy! Starts out easy with a rather small head but as you go deeper it adds the girth in just the right proportions! It has such a smooth velvety feel and it just slides in so nicely! Great for "Openers"! This is a true must have for any anal fan.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 06 August, 2015 by sissy husband

    I am a true sissy who loves anal play with my wife. She bought me the Intimidator to add extra spice to my life. When it arrived, she put in on a wooden stool in our bedroom. When I walked in, it was OMG!!! She stripped me naked and soon had me sitting on it. I was omly able to get about 3/4 of it in with about 5 rings remaining. It loosened me up so much, that her srapon, which normally makes me fill full, felt more loke a finger or two. She was so turned on watching me bob up and down on the Intimidator, she fucked me like no tomorrow. We use this toy quite often now, and she has bought a bigger cock for her strapon. She now uses a 12" X 2 1/2" cock when she fucks me. She likes to remind me that the Intimidator has taken me from being a sissy slut to aa real anal whore. I love being her sisy anal whore. Thanks Intimidator.

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    Reviewed: Friday 10 April, 2015 by Anonymous

    I received this toy yesterday and couldn't wait to use it. I use a 2 inch toy everyday and wanted to up the size but I was nervous about how big to go. This beautiful thing cured that. It slid right in with ease and after a few minutes of work I was able to get all but the bottom 4 rings in. It gave me such a beautiful stretch and felt so good as it slid in and out and the material is amazing. If you need a good stretch and a toy the feels amazing buy this one you will not be disappointed.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 11 January, 2015 by ILove Anal

    I absolutely love this thing!!! The tip is small enough to go in easily, then it just simply opens you up slowly! The feel of the material is so soft and silky, it slides so nicely!! Such a great feeling! It did however, have a bit of an odor when I first got it, but that went away after a while. I highly recommend this if you are into anal play!!!!

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