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The Fist of Fury Dildo


Rating: (6 reviews)
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There are many people who enjoy getting fisted; they get pure pleasure off having an entire hand plunged deep inside their vagina or anus. With the Fist of Fury you can obtain that type of pleasure whether you have a partner available or not. The Fist of Fury is designed to take on the look and feel of an actual human fist. It's been shaped and molded complete with 5 balled-up fingers ready to be thrusted inside of you.

Specifications: The Fist of Fury is made of a comfortable, non-toxic and latex-free rubber. It measures 11" in total length (from base to the tip of the knuckle) and 3.25" in width at its widest point. The base of the Fist of Fury is a handy grip for those who are having their partner engage in the pleasure of using this item.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 13 April, 2016 by Anonymous

Oh lord! When i use The Fist of Fury Dildo in my ass, I meet both God and the Devil at the same time, in an ecstatic orgasm with flying angels and little demons.

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Reviewed: Thursday 08 October, 2015 by Barry Chuckle

My goodness what a bum splitter, 'Twas a struggle getting it in my shitter. But with a push and a shove, it fit like a glove, Ram it in, To me, to you

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Reviewed: Saturday 19 September, 2015 by Dom Langone

I love this. It reminds me of my old Roommate, Joseph. He used to wear me like a puppet. I recommend this black fist anybody that's experienced enough like me to take it all in

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Reviewed: Thursday 14 October, 2010 by Anonymous

I've tried several dildos from this site for anal play and this is by far my favorite. The soft rubber is super comfortable and it feels amazing when the fist slides in. It feels a lot like a butt plug with a convenient long handle, which makes pumping this guy in an out super easy once you get going (provided you use plenty of lube of course). I had two anal orgasms already this evening playing with this thing in the shower. Just writing about it makes me want to go use this toy again.

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 February, 2009 by william the anal

Very happy with The Fist! It is very flexible and that has not been a problem. I have inserted it both ways and love the feel either way. When inserting the handle end, I can get the entire dildo into my ass. My next step is to see how deep I can get the fist to go into my colon. Loveit, love it, love it!!!

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