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Rubber Slave Hood


Rubber Slave Hood
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Skin Tight Rubber Slave Hood Seals Like a Gag

It's hard to describe the feeling a rubber mask inspires. Bondage enthusiasts really like this one. This restrictive and sensual hood has two eye holes and two small nostril holes without a mouth hole. The skin tight hood practically seals the mouth making it very difficult to speak. It can really be considered a gag. The nose holes are small making breathing slightly more difficult, this effect is a big turn on if you or your play partner are into breath play.

Latex clothing is designed to offer a skin tight fit at affordable prices. This one-size mask is made of high quality latex materials requiring a small amount of care. Made of very strong, durable, stretchy rubber, it allows a tight conforming fit.

Note: this hood should be used with caution. The nose holes are small requiring the utmost care. Using a little cornstarch can make it much easier to get the hood on. Don't be afraid to stretch this one out.

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Reviewed: Sunday 08 November, 2015 by Eric Milligan

Excellent! Provides everything it advertises and then some. My only complaint would be that it's actually harder to get off than it is to get on at times, but besides this, it's excellent for any sort of play, be it solo or not.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 08 January, 2014 by Kevin Hunt

Love this hood. Love it when topping, love it when bottoming, love it when jerking off solo. They're right about the nose holes being small, unfortunately a little too small to provide enough oxygen during any level of exertion - so I had to carefully enlarge them. Aside from that it's great. Boyfriend broke mine recently yanking it on roughly so I'm back to buy another.

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