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Premium Spandex Hood with Mouth Opening


$19.95 $15.95
Rating: (4 reviews)

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Keep your partner in the dark for extra stimulation with this premium double layer stretchable spandex hood with a mouth opening. The mask was created using two layers of highly stretchable spandex to ensure comfort yet remain firmly on the head. It is made of 83% Nylon and 17% Spandex. That equals 100% bondage fun for you.

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Reviewed: Saturday 23 April, 2016 by Anonymous

It was a lot thinner then i expect but it is comfy and I love it, also using bondage tape to block at the light

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Reviewed: Sunday 30 March, 2014 by Sub Guy

Sub Bi Guy here who loves being used for oral fun. There are times when I want to do nothing more than have a guy use my mouth as a cock socket for some long, slow milking. I've got a couple guys that enjoy using me so this hood just adds to the fun. Getting rid of eye contact turns me into an object to be use for their pleasure, and the sensory deprivation of no eyesight lets me focus on enjoying the taste of a plump cock and the taste of hot, fresh cum. This hood is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for you if you enjoy an oral fetish like I do, or if you want to force that kind of thing on a sub you have.

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Reviewed: Saturday 12 March, 2011 by masterdom4s to you

great hood for newbies. It feels tight with limited vision. Easy to get off if they panick. No buckles or straps to mess with. Want them totally in the dark. Vet wrap around the eyes works great. Mouth opening allows the slave to perform the required services to Master!

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Reviewed: Sunday 11 February, 2007 by rj gudroks

Nice hood, just enough vision to guide my mouth where it needs to be...

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