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Aneros Prostate Massager Kit


Rating: (5 reviews)

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Aneros MGX, SGX Kit with Vibrator and Lube

Creating the "Dream Orgasm" For Those Who Dare to Expand The Horizon of Human Sexuality

Purchased separately the Kit is valued at $105

The kit includes:
  • Aneros MGX
  • Aneros SGX- (The smaller sibling of the MGX)
  • Vibrating Bullet- (A small, oval vibrator that fits through the handle of the Aneros MGX and Aneros SGX. Customers have reported that the vibrations from the bullet allow enhanced results with the massagers)
  • 2 oz Passion Natural Water Based Lube- To help enhance the sexual pleasure, this water-based lube is one of the best lubricants available today.

    The Aneros Stimulator is one of a kind! It is medically researched, designed and patented. The Aneros is a combination of modern scientific knowledge and ancient Eastern erotic massage.

    Anal sphincter assisted masturbation helps you achieve a firmer erection and greater pleasure. Regardless of age, this patented and tested device benefits most men by directly stimulating the prostate plexus of nerves to result in an electrifying, often unsurpassed, orgasm. This unique masturbation technique has also been shown to increase a man's vitality and libido. Although Aneros delivers stunning unexperienced pleasure, it is not merely a sex toy. Aneros is anatomically designed and is patented under the category of "medical-surgical internal pressure applicators".

    Aneros will fulfill your desire and deliver the most satisfying orgasms of your life!!! Keep reading to view Testimonials. Discover your secret sexual potential

    Published Reviews

    The aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator has been reviewed by the online magazine and is also recommended in "ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm" by Brauer & Brauer.

    Quick Start: Using the Aneros Massager

    1. For hygienic reasons, wash the aneros with warm, soapy water before and after each usage.
    2. Apply adequate lubricant to the anal canal and to the head of the Aneros.
    3. Slowly insert the Aneros, positioning the perineum abutment to press against the area between the anus and the scrotum.
    4. Relax -- mentally and physically. Allow your body to become accustomed to the massager. Practice deep breathing and release your tensions. This is a Tantric Experience!
    5. Slowly begin to contract the sphincter muscle. As the sensations build, you may wish to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions.
    6. Pivot the back handle left, right, or backwards to increase pressure on the Male G-Spot. Enjoy!

    For Complete Detailed Instructions Click Here!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by E

    The pressure the Aneros exerts on my prostrate and the root of my penis soon builds and compounds to an unbearable degree. The crescendo is an explosion deep inside my groin that makes me groan out loud and makes my body buck and convulse uncontrollably for minutes. When the waves finally subside, the Aneros starts the whole sequence over again and another orgasm inevitably follows, and another, and it doesn't stop until I remove it. It's as if the Aneros has some how awakened a dormant volcano, with results that last all day, long after I've used it. I'm a married man in my forties with an active, uninhibited love life with my wife, but the Aneros has revealed to me a whole new, unexplored erotic continent. It has profoundly enhanced and expanded my experience of sex, and it only gets better with repetition. Now that I have one of these remarkable devices, I could never again be without it.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Eric

    I received the Aneros today and want to let you know that it was the best purchase of my life. After using it for approx. 35 min I suddenly ejaculated without touching my penis. It was the best I ever had...

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Ed T

    This is a mind-blowing product! I've never felt anything as intense as the waves of pure pleasure that this thing provides! After relaxing, then gently and continuously squeezing the sphincter muscle a deep, penetrating wave of pleasure builds and builds until my whole body starts to shake and spasm. I've kept up a moaning, groaning, throbbing ecstasy for over an hour, which then ended in an explosive, convulsive, multi-wave orgasm that sprayed semen everywhere! Then I did it again a few hours later...

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Rob

    For a short period of time, I wasn't certain that this object would be of any help, but I finally got in the groove and managed to explode "off into outer space." Sorry, but when I returned to Earth, I had a major clean up session: walls, stomach, chest, face...

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Tony

    This is the most wonderful toy I've ever bought! Within seconds of inserting it, I was flooding the bed with pre-cum. I use it almost daily and have at least three orgasms with it regularly. But I like to hold the orgasm/ejaculation for last because it is so intense.

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