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Strict Leather Flogger


Strict Leather Flogger Strict Leather Flogger
$70.00 $59.95
Rating: (2 reviews)

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This has about 18 strands, each 18.5 inches long and 0.5 inch wide. Even better, each leather fall has been cut at an angle for a tip with a bite. You can use this flogger for stingy or thuddy flogging. The black leather handle is 5.5 inches long and has a leather wrist loop.

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Reviewed: Saturday 14 November, 2015 by B. L.

This is a nice real leather entry to mid-level whip. Typically I pack this away on trips instead of lugging the top shelf ones around. The handle is a little on the light side but that is what makes this a great travel whip!

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Reviewed: Thursday 11 November, 2010 by Ms Willow

This is a wonderful transitional flogger. I tend to use it in scenes between My rubber flogger and a leather paddle. Easy to control, decent weight and comfortable to use.

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