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Crimson Tied After Glow Flogger with Beaded Handle


Crimson Tied After Glow Flogger with Beaded Handle Crimson Tied After Glow Flogger with Beaded Handle
$10.99 $7.69
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Swing this flogger at your partner to deliver a sting!

This flexible and durable flogger is great for lovers of impact play, delivering a subtle bite of pain and pleasure wherever the falls land. Secure the wrist loop and take hold of the beaded handle to ensure that you have complete control of the sensations that reach your partner. This rubber flogger is waterproof, making it easy to clean, and compact so that it's easy to travel with. Part of the Crimson Tied Collection, this elegant flogger also makes for an excellent introduction to BDSM or sensation play.


My lover has restrained me to the bed with our Crimson Tied wrist and ankle restraints. I'm face-down, blindfolded, with my hard cock pressed into the mattress. I desperately want to grind into the bed, but I'm also anticipating what she has in store for me. I feel something tickle against my thighs and my ass, and finally it trails up my back. It must be the After Glow Flogger. Suddenly the tails stop tickling my flesh, and I know what comes next. With a quick slap they come down on my ass. It stings, but doesn't hurt too bad. In fact, it feels amazing. I moan, and she swings it down on me again. It's not long before I can't stop myself from rutting into the mattress as she flogs my ass, thighs, and back repeatedly. She's panting from the exertion, but the subtle bite isn't so much that I couldn't take more. Still she says, "You're backside is bright red." That thought alone makes me beg her to let me out to fuck her.

Crimson Tied Collection After Glow Flogger with Beaded Handle Specifications:

  • Materials: Rubber, ABS
  • Measurements: 20.5 inches in total length; Falls are 10 inches in length; Handle is 4 inches in length
  • Convenient wrist loop

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 20 April, 2016 by Anonymous

    Perfect little flogger for the flogger beginner. Gives the just right amount of sting but left me wanting more! This was our first attempt with a flogger and Sir used it on my thighs, ass, pussy, and breasts. I really enjoyed the flogging of my pussy. It's a little smaller than we thought it would be but a great intro.

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