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Impressions Paddles - Slut


Impressions Paddles - Slut Impressions Paddles - Slut Impressions Paddles - Slut
Rating: (12 reviews)

Imprint Your Bottom!

Leave your mark on your partner! These high-quality slappers have stitched handle and separate at the top for extra sting. Called slappers because of the great sounds they make on your partner's backside, these paddles will certainly help you leave a mark.

Measurements: Paddles are 12.5" in total length and 2.5" in width.

Note: The video also shows use of the hide-your-vibe pillow. This pillow is offered as well (see related items below).

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Reviewed: Thursday 09 April, 2015 by Anonymous

I bought this for a birthday gift for my fiance---she is my SLUT!! She was dressed in her black leather spanking skirt, 1/2cup shelf bra with thigh highs and 5 inch stilettos. After inserting a huge butt plug up her ass and securing her with nipple magnets on her huge 44 DD tits. I had her lay down on the bed ass exposed and suckling my cock. She was begging me to spank her--and I left my mark. She removed her buttplug and put it in my ass.So I had to spank my SLUT some more. After licking her swollen clit--she begged me to fuck her in the ass.This ass has multiple 'SLUT'impressions on it.After blowing my wad of cum deep in her ass she 69 me--suckling me cock clean and sticking her cum filled--SLUT --ass in my face and making me eat my own load. WHAT A GREAT SLUT! !!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 27 March, 2013 by Anonymous

iF we are taking ideas. I have one: MINE

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 October, 2012 by Anonymous

Great little paddle. The design allows to make quite a slap when it contacts the Mrs. cute little behind. Here's a fun little tip use this before heading out to a nude beach or any other clothing optional activity. Makes for a great conversation starter. We give it an A+.

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Reviewed: Saturday 18 December, 2010 by Anonymous

Leaves a delicious little sting and some VERY sexy marks. Highly recommended!

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Reviewed: Sunday 11 October, 2009 by Marquise de Cabe

I bought this paddle for myself because I like some self-bondage, but now I just use it on my hubs. It's great for CBT and can be used on either side. Really packs a sting. As with some other reviewers, I'd like to see more options: OWNED comes to mind!!!

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