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As a special first-time customer, you can get one of these hot sex toys for just $0.99!

Silver Bullet
If you prefer toys - have we got a treat for you! The Vibrating Silver Bullet!
Retail Price: $8.50 - Your Price: $0.99
  • For Her: Send sweet vibes into her clit or slide it into her vagina for multiple orgasms.
  • For Him: The bullet shape fits perfectly up his ass to hit his g-spot for intense pleasure.
This suede hand whip offers great impact play in a compact package
Retail Price: $11.99 - Your Price: $0.99!
  • Designed for everyone: The hand whip is ideal for both beginners and advanced players
  • Quick and easy: Features soft suede and a wrist strap for an easy grip and total command
Thai Jelly Anal Beads
Enjoy some anal pleasure with these Thai Anal Beads
Retail Price: $7.50 - Your Price: $0.99!
  • Experience hot anal sensations: Take in 11" of high-quality jelly anal beads.
  • A Top Pick: Recommended, by us, for equal amounts of pleasure by both sexes
Nipple Clamps
Heighten your partner's sexual pleasure with these pink nipple suckers
Retail Price: $7.95 - Your Price: $0.99
  • Increase sensitivity: Increase the blood flow, to the nipples, to heighten sensitivity to things like clamps and your partner's tongue.
  • Easy to apply: Vacuum suction allow the nipple suckers to stay in place and be more effective.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 15 December, 2015 by KC BDSM

I would highly recommend The Vibrating Silver Bullet! I chose it as the first time buyer's promo item for my first purchase here, and all I can say is WOW! The silver bullet is extremely powerful in it's vibration effects when cranked up to full gear! And, with it's easy to use variable speed controls, it's perfect for build up and then, once you're ready to go (or blow!), turn it to full notch and enjoy the explosive orgasm! From a few things I've seen some male commenters mention, it's just as pleasurable and effective for men as it is for women. The only real drawbacks to The Vibrating Silver Bullet, is that as it is connected to the control unit by a cord, the end the cord is connected to, needs special attention when cleaning the toy, to prevent any bacterial build up. And, sooner or later (later, if you're more gentle using yours than I was with mine!) something seems to get loose or disconnected at the place where the wire cord connects with the silver bullet, itself. And, either it stops working completely, or you have to fiddle with/jury rig it, in order to still get use out of the vibe. It appears to be a common problem with this type of vibe, over all. BUT! You cant beat the promo price, and I'll get one again, even at it's full price (which is still very inexpensive), because it is THAT powerful and pleasurable!

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Reviewed: Saturday 06 June, 2015 by Lady Margie

I have had zero luck with bullet vibes since I sold them back in the 90s. They're crappy, dull and lifeless. I decided to try this one since it was corded and took regular batteries. Thank you! After arguing with my hubbie/sub about the battery size (he was right, ugh), that sucker has been well-used and very appreciated !Fantastic in the strap-on harness.

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Reviewed: Monday 22 December, 2014 by Completely Satisfied

I can admit to being skeptical. I ordered the bullet and when it came the packaging wasn't even sealed. Then I had to force the AA batteries I bought for it into a tiny compartment that didn't seem remotely big enough for them. That being said... TEN STARS!!!!!!!!! This thing is REALLY powerful and adjusts well. It drives my sub nuts. And all for .99?! Yes please.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 21 August, 2013 by Anonymous

OMG that was the best had my wife and a young slut fukd me allday

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Reviewed: Friday 15 February, 2013 by Fallon Braun

I purchased the bullet vibe because I saw all of the great reviews for it. Mine didn't work straight out of the box even with brand spanking new batteries! I know I only paid .99 cents for it but I would of liked it to work at least once!![ Editor's Note: Sorry for the inconvenience. We do extend a 30 day warranty against defects to all of our customers. Please contact customer service so they can send over a replacement. ]

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