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Vaginal Electrosex Electrode


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$50.00 $44.95
Rating: (9 reviews)

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This excellent light weight vaginal electro sex accessory is a real performer.

Stimulate yourself from within your vagina with the Zeus Electro Pussy Probe. Simply connect this bi-polar unit to any Zeus Power Box Unit to begin sending waves of pleasure inside your vaginal canal. If your ready for the next level in sexual pleasure then the Electro Pussy Probe is a sure fire way to deliver the ultimate orgasmic experience!

Works directly with the all Zeus Power Box units (Sold separately.)

Note: You will need to use two Banana to Pin adapters for the Folsom box. Item shown below.

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Reviewed: Sunday 09 June, 2013 by Anonymous

I can't find a place to ask a question about this with out going threw a long list, and some one els may want to know the same thing. Will this plug in to other electric massagers? I'm new to E-stem and I don't want to spend a lot of money on something I might not care to keep. So I have a: proSPERA electric pulse massager. And I have been using the pads for the "down stairs works" And I want something internal. Is this compatible with something like that? [ Editor's Note: This electrode is compatible with anything that uses TENS pins. So it probably is compatible. ]

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 September, 2011 by j io

Got one for girlfriend _ she used it on clit and labia first Then put it in .... came while i fingered her ass. She then lubed my cock and ass andd put it in me. .. WOW!!!! This thing is GREAT !!!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 14 July, 2010 by Anonymous

I just got this in today and WOW! I only used it for a couple minutes because my boyfriend wanted to have sex before he left for work, but I was about to orgasm in those couple minutes. I have to use more intensity with the electrode than with the TENS pads, but SO worth it.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 25 June, 2008 by Allota Fajyna

This thing is great. It took me awhile to get used to the sensations inside my pussy. But that was not the fault of the electrode. I had to ajust my estim unit (erostech 232) until I found a setting that worked. (Hint: less is more!) I liked it so much my boyfriend and I tried it in his anus. Again, we had to find a good setting but eventually he liked it a lot. The whole time we were playing with it his prick was dripping precum. He said he could feel it stimulating his prostate. I bought a second one for my pussy (not using the anal one in there!). I tried both at the same time (one anal and one pussy) this weekend--WOW! I was screamin! Still haven't had a hands-free orgasm but I bet I will soon. The only thing I don't like is once I get going my puss gets so juicy the contractions squeeze the electrode out. A strap of some kind would be helpful. I tried wearing panties to hold it in but that didn't help. For some reason that doesn't happen using it in my anus even with three syringes of anal lube in there. I guess the contractions actually hold it in instead of squeezing it out.

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Reviewed: Sunday 29 July, 2007 by Christer Johansson

I introduced my girlfriend to E-stim not long ago with my newly invested Eros Tek ET-312B and this vaginal electrode. At first she was a little scared of having electricity running through her most senitive parts. But she agreed to give it a go, so we started at a low setting with the vaginal electrode inside her pussy and gradually increased the strength. She was absolutely blown away by this incredible intense sensation the electricity gave her deep inside her hole and she begged me to increase the strength higher and higher until she came with the most intense orgasm ever! She said that it was the best and most erotic sensation she had ever felt inside her pussy and that the sensation was all over! This electrode was a great purchase and well worth the money. I can't wait to buy more electrodes to try out! Thanks from Christer & Eva-Marie, Sweden.

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