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E-Stim Masturbation Wand


E-Stim Masturbation Wand E-Stim Masturbation Wand
$40.00 $29.95
Rating: (4 reviews)

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Our e-stim masturbation wand is an easy to use device that stimulates nerve endings through electrosex. Used on the genitals the masturbation wand provides electrical stimulation to the areas touched. With practice you can stimulate yourself to orgasm. Women, you can find yourself getting off on the wand when it's attached to your labia.

Note power box sold separately. Now includes 2 sets of adapters to work with all our electrosex units.

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Reviewed: Saturday 20 December, 2014 by Adrian Correa

GREAT if you cover the area you plan to play with with a masturbation lube or even a little vegetable oil. Then if you like the 'shock' value and INSTANT responses, set the Zeus box to the level you like (max in my case) and just place it barely touching the skin. YOU WILL RESPOND. It is great to run it all over your cock and balls. You WILL cum. For your female partner be careful. If she has thick labia, use caution when sliding back and forth and I would recommend you do NOT put it in the vagina. The tips can and DO come of and the zap from that is NO FUN no matter how much you like the shocks. The exposed tips can also cut you.

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Reviewed: Sunday 26 February, 2012 by mikey girl

Bought the E stim wand and didn't work from day one. [ Editor's Note: Customer service is available to help you troubleshoot it. If it was truly defective, we have a 30 day warranty against defective products. ]

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Reviewed: Tuesday 08 February, 2011 by Anonymous

You have to be patient. if using on a male , yourself (male) start with low applitude on the bottom of the penis. Start with low voltage Stroking the prenium area, small circles. go to the penis starting at the base going to te tip and around the crown and if done slowly ramping up the voltage and with this probe with patientce I have had some killer orgasms.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 February, 2008 by Pony Girl

Very versatile device. It can give real pleasure or intense pain depending on the situation. Getting to orgasm with the thing is not easy and takes practice but hey the practice is good too.

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