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Faq Wishlist

How will you use your wish list?

Keep track of things you want:

Ever see that perfect toy in our store and think how much you want it, but then when you go back you can't find it? We've got thousands of products in our store and add dozens of new ones every month, so it's easy to lose track of things. With your wish list you can make sure you don't.

Plan your future dungeon:

Some people plan their kitchens or their bathrooms. We think that your dungeon and your bedroom closet can be a whole lot more exciting. Just figure out what kind of gear you need to live your fantasies and keep it in your wish list until you get it in your home.

What's a wish list?

Your wish list makes it easy to tag items that you want, but aren't quite ready to buy right now. It allows you to organize them all in one place for easy access when you're ready to make a purchase.

How do I add items to my wish list?

You must be logged in to add items to your wish list. Once you are logged in, simply click on the 'Add to wish list' link on any product description page.