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Lubricant Launcher 3 Pack


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$7.95 $5.95
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Apply your favorite lubricant with more precision using these handy lubricant launchers!

Using a good lube can help enhance the pleasures of sexual activity. However there are those times when you aren't quite able to accurately place the lube where you want it. With these handy lubricant launchers, you are able to apply lubricant with much better precision.

Simply place the lubricant launchers into your favorite lube and pull on the ring. When the launcher is filled up, place it into the vaginal or anal opening and apply the lube. Now you won't have to worry about any mess, muss or fuss.

Each lubricant launchers comes with two additional launcher casings.

Trinity Lubricant Launcher Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 5.75" in total length, .25" in width
  • Allows for more precise application of your favorite lubricant
  • 2 additional tubes are included
  • Easy grip handle for better accuracy
  • Available in four colors: Blue, Pink, Red and Smoke

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Thursday 18 August, 2011 by sandy ca

    Awesome item. Works excellent without the mess and the lube goes exactly where you need it to go......

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    Reviewed: Friday 17 June, 2011 by Jordin Daniels

    I love your sex toys i like them your sex toyS

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 15 June, 2011 by Anonymous

    This is a great item! Puts lube where you need it, and you don't waste any lube trying to "shove" it in externally. The tube portion of the shooter does eventually wear out with repeated use, hence the inclusion of more tubes. Another thing worth noting is that you get one plunger to use for all three tubes. So, you can only use one shooter at a time. Whether you get this version or one of the other applicators sold here, it is definitely a worthwhile investment!

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    Reviewed: Monday 28 February, 2011 by Anonymous

    awesome little tool! def a must have for backdoor play!

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 12 October, 2010 by Anonymous

    When most people try to use lube, they either put it on their hand and attempt to shove it into their opening of choice, or they apply it to their insertable and hope that it stays there. In both situations, lube is lost during penetration- especially in anal play where the anal opening is tight and "squeeges" off the lube before it even gets inside. This is where lube applicators come in- you insert them and apply the lube exactly where you want to. I recommend sticking it in all the way, and then moving the applicator in a "spiral" motion as you apply the lube and draw the syringe out of yourself. This will leave you slicker than you ever imagined, and you will be using about half the lube you normally need to. This is an absolute must-have for backdoor play! They say the applicators are disposable, but they can be reused if you wash them and refrain from sharing. The kit comes with only one "plunger" and three or four shells, so don't forget to keep the plunger when you are switching to a new shell.

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