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Inflatable Enema Plug


Inflatable Enema Plug
Inflatable Enema Plug Inflatable Enema Plug
$45.00 $29.95
Rating: (30 reviews)

Inflatable Enema Plug - A Classic Favorite!

This toy has a rubber tube running through it so that fluids can pass through while it's inflated! Once inserted and inflated, the large rubber hose can be connected to an enema bag. When the time comes to administer the enema, the fluid will flow through the enema butt plug into the colon. The inflatable plug prevents pushing out the plug and the enema until the desired time arrives.

The buttplug inflates by means of a bulb with release valve. This inflatable enema plug is built to last.

Inflatable Enema Plug Measurements:

  • 4.5 inches long
  • 1.5 inches wide
  • slightly over 2 inches wide when inflated

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Reviewed: Saturday 19 April, 2014 by lena vo

This is great ! I put it in my boys ass , pulpit up so no seepage, ,, add bout a quart of milk one egg white 2oz vodka and couple squirts of hershey. Shake it up and let iy gooo,,, make him hold it while i suck and play w urethra w a sound, he then wants to um cum ! So we go to bathroom and pull out plug and wow!

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Reviewed: Saturday 01 February, 2014 by Anonymous

Very fun little toy, fills you up quite nicely to the point where it is not coming out no matter what until you let the air out. Unfortunately Once it has a few pump the flared base is thin enough that it is easily sucked up inside of you which can be quite painful. If they were to give this a base more like what exists on most butt plugs to prevent this it would be perfect.

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Reviewed: Saturday 11 January, 2014 by Kaysie Coffey

This is a little tricky to get in but once it is it stays there. I love pumping it up and testing the limits my ass can take. Only downside is i cant get enough of it!! I love it!!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 22 October, 2013 by Troy Wilken

Just received mine last night and tried it right away, pumped it up 10 pumps and it split wide open now its junk NOT happy![ Editor's Note: You have a 30 day warranty against all defects. If a product proves defective in the first 30 days of use, please contact our customer service about a replacement. ]

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Reviewed: Monday 14 October, 2013 by big cock

Boy this plug will spread your ass out!!! I just got through pumping my ass with it , normally i get about 35 pumps on it then pull it out, this morning i pumped it up to 45 pumps and pulled it out, god i thought it wasnt going to come out,but it finally did,it shot out like a rocket!!!! my hole is gapped out so wide now thanks to this plug , ive got to get a huge dildo bad ,every dildo i have now just falls in my ass and i have some pretty thick dildos , up to 3.15 inches wide so im going to need something huge like the monolith or cyclops so i can feel good !!!! I hope they will fit, I love to get fucked in the ass so hard so i can barely walk!!!! My girl loves cramming huge dildos in me watching them penetrate my huge pussy lips, she gets off on it!!!

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