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Zeus Digital E-Stim Unit


Zeus Digital E-Stim Unit Zeus Digital E-Stim Unit Zeus Digital E-Stim Unit
$69.00 $58.00
Rating: (7 reviews)
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Enjoy intense electrosex with your partner using this quick, entry-level power box

For couples who are just starting into the world of electrosex, this handheld power box makes an ideal entry-level device. The power box features 8 unique modes of stimulation and 15 levels of intensity. There are two black adhesive pads included for immediate use. The handheld is compatible with all Zeus attachments, so when you're ready you can take the pleasure to the next level.

Zeus Digital E-Stim Unit Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx 6" in length and 2.75" in width
  • Pads are 1.75" square; Lead Wires are 54" in length
  • Pad storage tray is 3.75" in length and 2.4" in width
  • Material: ABS, Silicone
  • Batteries: Requires 3 AAA batteries (included for immediate use)
  • Ideal entry-level power box for couples new to electrosex
  • Portable size, so the box can be taken anywhere you desire

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    Reviewed: Friday 04 March, 2016 by Show Joe

    This is a TENS unit dressed up in sex toy packaging. The device actually says "TENS Massager" on its case and the display features a diagram of the full human body showing contact points that include shoulders and feet. Because this is a re-packaged pain management device, it has no sex-specific settings. The eight "modes" are various combinations of two patterns: a vibrating feeling and a thumping feeling. The effects are not particularly erotic. The product description clearly describes this as an entry-level device, and having purchased it (as part of a package with a urethral sound and electro gel) I can understand why. I don't regret buying it, and it keeps luring me back for yet another round. But I've got my sights set on something more sophisticated that is designed for sexual stimulation.

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    Reviewed: Monday 05 October, 2015 by Anonymous

    Interesting little box, I am surprised that it does what it does with only 3 AAA batteries. Modes and functions ok, but even on high output (15) the unit is woefully underpowered. Maybe ok for those who want just a tickle, or for beginners who want a limited output. At the 15 setting, it's just starting to get interesting.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 14 May, 2014 by Marielle W.

    I have other electro devices, but this one is great for travel. I attach it inside my panties, hop in the car, and take off for a long drive. I enjoy the various modes and the thought of being serviced while I drive is delightful. I recommend it for those who enjoy electro stim. Tomorrow I see my slave and will see how it feels wrapped around his penis. Oh JOY!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 30 January, 2013 by Anonymous

    This is an entry-level unit. The several "modes" that you select all have a number of variations in pulse rate and intensity built in. As a new person to e-stim, it's hard to dial in on the exact pulse or intensity that I like simply because it changes every couple of seconds. I was hoping for a stimulator that you could select individual pulse styles and then adjust the intensity. The constantly changing patterns make it harder to begin to enjoy e-stim.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 08 May, 2012 by Anonymous

    I have just started to explore the world of electrosex and I find the sensations to be amazing. I am using the basic power box, a cock and ball harness, a urethral sound, and the stick-on electrode pads. I also have additional devices on order because I am liking this so much. However I have a concern/question: After using the devices several times for just over a week, I have woken up in the middle of the night twice now with tingling and pulsing sensations in my cock and balls just like the sensations I was getting while using the devices, only much weaker. Not painful or uncomfortable, just very weak, and happening all by themselves with no devices being attached. The sensations gradually disappear after I get out of bed and go about my daily routine. Is this common? Should I be concerned about this? Am I overdoing it with frequency, duration, and intensity of the sessions? I have used the devices for several days in a row for 6 or more hours at a time and up to the maximum intensity level of 15. Should I be concerned about what I am experiencing with these spontaneous sensations that are occurring all by themselves with no devices attached? Do I need to back off on how often and long I use the devices and/or at what intensity level? Any comments or suggestions from more experienced users would be appreciated.

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