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Zeus Beginner E-Stim Kit


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$120.00 $99.95
Rating: (14 reviews)
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Get started in ElectroSex with the Zeus Beginner E-Stim Kit

This is a top seller because it comes with a nice array of products to get started with electrosex at a remarkable price. See what many sexually adventurous people have discovered about e-stim. This device is designed to send electrical impulses to terminals and attachable toys placed on the body. Easy to use rotary controls deliver the pulse amplitude and rate of your choice. With a simple mode selector switches making adjustments both easy and endlessly refined. Delivers delicate to hyper-intense skin and nerve stimulation. Works directly with Zeus power boxes and accessories. Other accessories can be used with this device, with our adapters shown below. This item cannot be used with an A/C adapter. Comes with Tens Pads - The type of tens pads varies with the different power units, primarily by connection type. This unit comes with Tens pads that work with the unit. This device is compatible with all Zeus electrosex accessories. Others may require a simple adapter that we offer. See below for our more popular accessories.

Please note: Remember to keep electrical play below the waist.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 Adhesive Pads
  • Instructions
  • Sex Clamps
  • Power Unit
  • 2 Sets of Lead Wires

Step-By-Step Instructions

See Our Electrosex Demo & The Electrosex Buying Guide

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 July, 2016 by Anonymous

Muy buen producto para principiantes lo tengo desde hace varios años y funciona correctamente. Los controles son perillas lo cual es muy sencillo de ajustar la intensidad. Otros equipos digitales los saltos entre cada paso son problemáticos. Es importante agregarle otros accesorios y probar que es lo mejor para cada uno. Con este equipo se logra eyacular manos libres encontrando la estimulación adecuada. Los valores máximos son alcanzables y al utilizar los dos canales los mismos no son independientes con lo cual se debe tener cuidado porque si ambos canales están al máximo está entregando la mitad de la potencia a cada uno. Al bajar uno de los canales el otro canal se incrementará la intensidad. Un complemento a tener, muy recomendable!

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Reviewed: Thursday 15 January, 2015 by Anonymous

I brought one of these over a year ago at first I was very disappointed it took some time and effort to figure our what was best for me. With this product location is everything using just the penis bands can get you to flow a stream of precum. Perfect for milking. The voltage can be set to cause an erection or destroy one. Using bands and pad you can have hands free orgasim. It goes from feeling nothing to far to much pain in a short range near the top of its capability it's been dropped trodden on, thrown dumped in a toy box for months on end and generally disrespected but it keeps on going. I'd recommend this as a first estim buy. It's not flash but it'll do more than any vibrating toy you can get it's discreet portable and reliable.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 11 June, 2014 by Flowedcum Rod

Just received my Zeus yesterday and I have no idea why I waited so long to get it. It took me a few minutes to get used to, it is after all a brand new sensation. Spent the next hour playing with the settings until I found the one that made my cock flow precum and drive me to an insanely intense orgasm. Follow the tips on how to achieve a HFO. I feel lucky being able to have one my first time, then another a little while later to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

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Reviewed: Sunday 30 September, 2012 by Dave Williams

i was very disappointed with this item as the clamps have no real grip. They fall off really easily and the springs fall out very easily as well so you end up searching for them to rebuild the clamps.

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Reviewed: Monday 06 June, 2011 by palm pear

I recommend placing a penis strap on the top of the penis glans and a pad on the anus. Place the deluxe unit on Cupping and turn up a little over half. Wait five minutes and turn all the way up. This feels like someone is pulling on your penis trying to make you come. I squirt a come stream after 20 to 40 minutes. Do this while standing in the bathroom and hold on to the sink. Shift your position to move your cock back between your legs by bending forward with your face near the sink, then stand up and push your cock forward like fucking. This will make you shoot your come stream across the room. I like to use the leather cock strap around my balls and around over my penis to make it stand extremely erect during electro-sessions.

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