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Tag Electro Play Cuffs


Tag Electro Play Cuffs Tag Electro Play Cuffs Tag Electro Play Cuffs Tag Electro Play Cuffs Tag Electro Play Cuffs
$65.00 $48.95
Rating: (1 reviews)
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These electro play cuffs create a new way to interact with your partner

Slip on these Tag Cuffs and you and your partner will be able to incorporate e-stim easily into your routine. The electro stimulation pebble power box offers two modes, an OUT setting to send electronic pulses to any part of the body, or an IN setting to bring the cuffs (or any electro accessory of your choice) into play.

When you connect one cuff on your wrist and one cuff on your partner's wrist, you can emit electrostimulation with a simple touch of your partner's skin The cuffs come with adjustable Velcro closures that fit most size wrists. You can opt to use the cuffs with any power box, just as you can use the pebble box for sending current to another accessory of your choosing.

Tag Electro Play Cuffs Specs and Benefits:

  • Contents: Kit contains 2 cuffs, leads, and remote egg. Comes with battery.
  • Note: Other accessories sold separately; illustrates use with egg power box
  • Size: Cuffs fit wrists between 2 and 2.75 inches in diameter, 2.75 inches in width
  • Material: ABS, metal, PU leatherette
  • Color: Black
  • Should be noted: Starburst graphic for illustrative purposes only
  • This set offers a variety of ways to enjoy estim play
  • Connect one cuff to you and one to your partner to create a gentle estim sensation with every touch
  • Cuffs can be used with another power box; Pebble Box can be used with other e-stim accessories

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    Reviewed: Friday 15 July, 2016 by Anonymous

    This is a simple but difficult to understand product not much information about it. The in and out control is clear, one for the contacts at the device itself al out for the cables to plug in. Also is very important to know the out setting is working in a pattern starting with a wave of shocking and then you can have a pleasure wave. Attention if you set during the please time you will probably go up the intensity and suddently the pain time come back you will be on hell. I only can use by my self when I try to use with my partner at the strap set up the shock between us was so high in the low setting and she didn't want to play again. The start setting is to high for just touching each other.

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