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Arcana Electrosex Wand


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$129.00 $94.95
Rating: (8 reviews)
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Utilize the Arcana Electrosex Wand for stimulation e-stim play between you and your partner

The Arcana Electrosex Wand allows you to regulate the flow via a controller on the handle. You can choose from 5 levels of vibration and combine that with the electrostimulation to take your partner over the edge. With a side boost button, you can also create a pulse pattern by tapping the button to your own personal rhythm.

The ergonomic shape and flexible neck assists target stimulation and its sleek black design with gleaming silver accents makes Arcana an ideal device for couples.

Arcana Electrosex Wand Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 12.75 inches in total length, head measures 2.4 inches in diameter
  • Offers stimulation electrosex for you and your partner
  • Has an ergonomic shape and flexible neck
  • With the side boost button you can create a personal pulse pattern
  • Combine the 5 levels of vibration with the electrostimulation to generate heightened sexual pleasure for your partner
  • This item is patent pending

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    Reviewed: Thursday 06 March, 2014 by Fred Nurk

    To the folks asking about use in non-110V countries, by all means use a voltage step down transformer. Do NOT just use a plug adaptor which does not change the voltage. Be aware also that many mains powered devices are using the AC to initiate the vibrating action. So instead of running at 60Hz like they do in the US, they will now run at 50Hz (and often a little hotter as a result). A better, cheaper and much safer option would be to get the re-chargeable version of these products and either replace the plug pack they likely use as a power source for recharging or, I notice there is a 220V variant being sold here. (Note to fellow Australians, while we use 240V here, a 220V unit should work fine.) Good luck and have fun.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 01 March, 2014 by none of your busines

    My wife bought this and although it works, it is no where near strong as the regular wands. The shocking portion does work well. It is not really worth the price, I would suggest the manuf work on making it stronger and then it will be worth it.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 26 September, 2013 by by by

    Sorry that i ask here but the support dont help me. I live in germany we have 230VAC 50-60Hz. My question is what i need to use this one.[ Editor's Note: You need a voltage converter that steps down your voltage to 110v. ]

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    Reviewed: Saturday 14 September, 2013 by Anonymous

    Junk. It seemed ok when first purchased; it worked at least as was advertised if not spectacularly. Used it twice: it was interesting but the intensity of the shocks was difficult to control-seemed to veer between too light to feel and too intense. Put it in the toy box for a month then took it out to try again, but the electric portion wouldn't work correctly. It will produce a shock if you twist the head and push to one side, but not reliably, even then. So now it only functions as a vibrator-and it's not as powerful as a magic wand for less than half the price. For the price, it should work more than once or twice. Interesting idea, but not recommended.

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    Reviewed: Friday 16 August, 2013 by Anonymous

    This is a great idea as well as a great product, the vibration and shock are very good. The level of each vibration is good too, I have a 8 level one and I sometime skip two at the time, because the difference is really not that much from 1-2 so 5 levels is perfect for me on both vibration and shock. My vote is at 4 because having a cord is really a downside for me, I don't like being restrain by a cord, but I guess the shock is too much asking for just a battery? Pros : Phenomenal idea Great quality product Affordable price( You can get a normal wand at that price! why not a shocking one? :D ) 5 levels ( 8 is really too many ) Lights! ( When you play in the dark, you don't have to keep track of what level you're at ) Cons : Wired Placement of the shock button ( Could have been better, but still not a deal breaker ) The "Neck" is a bit long making me scared of it breaking

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