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3pc Electro Essentials for Him


3pc Electro Essentials for Him 3pc Electro Essentials for Him 3pc Electro Essentials for Him 3pc Electro Essentials for Him
$135.95 $99.50
Rating: (4 reviews)

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This kit offers immediate e-stim pleasure for men

Featuring elastic penis bands, a power box, and electrosex gel, this kit is designed to let men enjoy electrosex right away. Use the gel to ensure good conductivity and slip the penis bands over the shaft. The power box is then used to send e-stim current to the cock giving him sensations that could send him over the edge.

3pc Electro Essentials for Him Contents:

  • (1) pair of electro penis bands
  • (1) digital power box
  • (1) 8.5fl oz electrosex gel

    3pc Electro Essentials for Him Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Bands: 1.75 inch max diameter; Power box: 6 inches in length and 2.75 inches wide; Gel: 8.5 fl oz
  • Material: ABS, elastic
  • Color: Blue
  • Note: Dildo not included.
  • This kit is designed to let me enjoy the pleasures of e-stim, right away

    Note: You can save 25% off, by purchasing the kit versus purchasing each item individually. However, if you only need (or desire) specific parts, you can find them in the related items below.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 01 June, 2016 by Anonymous

    I bought this unit as my intro into Electro Sex. The power unit is a little weak but it get the job done. The penis bands are great ! I had better luck by putting one down under my balls. It does take several sessions to get the hang of it all. I have orgasm issues, due to some disabilities, and now a bit of older age and ED but these bands got things going to where the cum was running out of me. So Yes, the penis bands are worth it if you buy the stronger power unit.

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    Reviewed: Monday 29 June, 2015 by Anonymous

    Ooooook ........... I had never tried E Stim before. After reading the previous reviews I thought it would probably help "supplement my daily requirement". It really didn't do it for me. Yes, it will make you squirm, at high settings. I guess myself, "Little Bob & the Twins" must be hardcore !

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    Reviewed: Friday 27 February, 2015 by Anonymous

    This is an awesome little device. I have never tried any E-Stim products before so I don't have any way to make a comparison but this works great and gets me off in a way I never experienced before. I highly recommend it!

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    Reviewed: Friday 20 February, 2015 by Anonymous

    I just received this gem today and having never experienced electrosex I had to open the box of this kit and try it out right away. I had masturbated the day before and wasn't really horny but I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I had seen several video's of guys using this type of equipment on the internet and watched them cum so much and so hard I figured it must have been "special cases." I started at mode one at the lowest setting. After I hit the strength button about 7 times I was in heaven. Eventually I made it to Mode 6 and clicked the strength button about 10 times. By then I was oozing (almost spraying) pre-cum in a way I had never experienced before and I am 54 years old. About 30 seconds later I was spraying cum with a force I had not seen since I was in my 20's! I have never been one to shoot much cum but today I learned just how much I had! I highly recommend this kit for anyone new to this. It is awesome and is one of the best purchases I ever made!

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