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Upright Stocks


Upright Stocks Upright Stocks Upright Stocks
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Keep your slave locked in tight with this steel upright stock device. Just place your sub into the neck and wrist bar and lock them in tightly with your padlock. While they're set in, make them place each foot onto a foot pad, which will spread their legs apart. The stock is designed to also have them slightly bent over, leaving them primed and ready for any punishment that you're planning to dish out. Just use the easily adjustment knob to manage the height of the bar. Then, use your favorite whip, flogger or paddle to give serve an impact on your enclosed slave. Have fun with your favorite electro sex products to give them a little sexual charge. The variety of what you can do is only limited by your imagination.


  • The neck and wrist bar measures 30" wide. This bar can be adjusted from 32" to 60" high.
  • The foot pads are 8" wide and 10" long. They are mounted to 36" legs.
  • When fully assembled the dimensions of the stock equals 50" in length, 44" in width. Based upon where the wrist/neck bar is located the overall height of the product varies from 40" to 68"
  • The foot pads are 36" apart at their widest point.
  • This product weighs 26lbs.
  • You must purchase 3 locks (sold separately) to securely lock the collar and wrist cuffs.

  • Small/Medium: Wrist Cuffs (2" in diameter), Collar (5" in diameter)

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Reviewed: Thursday 30 January, 2014 by Punished For Guests-Humiliation Spank

I received my first humiliation punishment recently. I got drunk at our party and was behaving "like a slut" as my master/husband put it. When my husband said in front of our guests, for them to hear, "you will be punished later for this behavior," several guests responded with "don't wait on account of us, do it now." The guests helped in moving this from the punishment room outside to the back lawn. There was more room for the guests to "view" my punishment and enjoy the humiliation I received from it. I was stripped naked and locked in place facing our guests. My husband struck my ass with the tawse and asked me why I was being punished. I said because I was behaving like a slut, sir. He struck me again and asked if that was proper behavior in front of guests. I said no. He struck me again and I said NO, Sir. He struck me 3 times rapidly and ordered me to apologize. I quickly said "I'm sorry for my behavior." He struck me again and said what else. "I said I'm sorry for being a poor hostess." He struck me again and said what else. I said "I promise to not behave like a slut again." He struck me a 10th time then said "and?" I said "I'm ready to accept my punishment." It was decided I would receive 50 lashes. The guests counted each one and I stated "I'm sorry for behaving like a slut." By the last one I could barely form the words let alone keep my head up to face them as I apologized. Then, my husband left the tawse at my feet inviting anyone to use it as they wished. Every guest used it at least once. All struck me at least once, enjoying the feel. Several guests gave me 3-5 lashes. The women were the most brutal. One of them even struck me on my clit. I cried out and she struck me again. I was left there for the remainder of the party. At the end, they pushed me, inside the device, inside the house and my husband left me in it and went to bed. It was humiliating to be punished in front of our company, even though they know I receive spankings, to have them watch made the punishment stronger.

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Reviewed: Saturday 29 June, 2013 by dick-loving slave

I'll put up with the restraint and the whipping, because it wets my pussy's appetite for dick. I love to be fucked by multiple men in these stocks; restrained sex is the best. Take me again and again. Keep my wet pussy lubricated with your cum. I love it!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 30 March, 2011 by Hisdivinegrace

Nobody likes to keep their slave helplessly restrained more than I do. That being said these upright stocks are awesome. I like to keep my slave locked in these for long periods of time, although when she approaches the twenty four hour mark she is a basket case, completely exhausted, barely able to stay awake, begging and whimpering to be released. I have found it is best to place her in ankle cuffs and lock them to a short chain fastened to the foot pads; this keeps her from being able to move her legs and ads to her bondage and discomfort. The entire time my slave is locked in the stocks I keep a vibe in her pussy. A steel but plug in her ass and a Hitachi taped to her thigh and firmly on her clit. While she is withering in non stop uncontrolled orgasms I like to massage her body with hot scented oil and then whip her mercilessly for hours. She has told me that the feeling of my hands rubbing the oil over her body while being helplessly locked in the stocks and vibed is almost too much. But when the first stroke of the whip cuts into her oiled flesh she cums immediately. When I finally remove my slave from the stocks I chain her in a very tight spread eagle on the bed and fuck her for hours until I am completely satisfied and then leave her like that for six or eight hours as she is totally exhausted and drifts of into a deep sleep.

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Reviewed: Monday 13 July, 2009 by Master Strider

Relatively easy to assemble. When my slave entered the room, she could not take her eyes off of it. When I asked what she thought, all she could say was interesting. When she heard the lock clicking in place around her neck she moaned. She cried out in agony/delight as I took the single tail to her, begging for forgiveness. Both my slaVe and I are looking forward to many more dungeon sessions with this new piece.

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Reviewed: Saturday 30 June, 2007 by moansalot 6000

oh my god, the horror and pleasure of being locked into this painful device for 23 days without being let out was amazing. i got fired from my job but it was worth it. first i hated it because all my wife did was let me sit there and she occasionally spanked me. later on she got bored and put me in an open mouth o-ring gag, corsette, a bra gstring and nipple clamps. my pussy ran for hours but she had just begun. a large pot had been placed under me so i could urinate, but it was removed as a few lesbians came and fucked my pussy, ass, and even my mouth. since i dont enjoy it up the ass, this was where the majority of the dildos were placed. my now not virgin ass is aching and also crying out for more.

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