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The Vac Cube


The Vac Cube The Vac Cube The Vac Cube

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For extreme bondage and confinement enthusiasts, the Vac Cube is an alternative to the classic Vac Bed.

Completely restrict your lover's movement as the latex from all six sides closes in around them, embracing them in a tight, airless suction. Only their head will be free as their body is held mercilessly by the heavy-duty latex, trapping them while you tease them with their favorite toy through the thin barrier. Use a Thunderstick between their legs for an extreme stimulation that they won't be able to wiggle away from.

For the victim, the sensation of being trapped in the Vac Cube can range from slightly claustrophobic to extremely comfortable. The feeling of weightlessness can add to the euphoria associated with loss of control that many bondage enthusiasts enjoy.

Assembly of frame must be done from within the latex covering. Make sure the frame is secure before use. After your partner crawls through the zippered opening and has their head through the center hole, attach your vacuum to the corner opening. Make sure that the latex does not get pulled into the vacuum, restricting further suction. Keep the vacuum on until you are ready to let your partner out. Suction will slowly release when the vacuum is turned off.

Vac Cube Specs and Benefits:

  • Suction opening fits most standard vacuum hoses
  • Tight seal holds your partner immobile while leaving the head exposed
  • Semi-transparent latex highlights your captive's body
  • Note: Do not attempt to use the Vac Cube alone

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