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The Steel Impaler Tower - Medium/Large


The Steel Impaler Tower - Medium/Large The Steel Impaler Tower - Medium/Large The Steel Impaler Tower - Medium/Large The Steel Impaler Tower - Medium/Large The Steel Impaler Tower - Medium/Large
Rating: (15 reviews)

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Imagine having your partner locked inside this impaler tower. As you circle them, you admirably gaze at their locked in body. Their arms are bound behind them and their legs are locked into a folded position. You gently lean down and make sure that the steel dildo rod is firmly placed inside of them. Now when they move the dildo rod will move with them. Depending upon their angle and the height you place the dildo rod you can have it inside of a wet, hot pussy or an awaiting anus. The choice is yours. This is a high quality steel bondage device designed to offer a pleasurable experience for both partners.


  • The dildo rod measures approx 4.75" of insertable length.
  • There are four adjustment knobs so you can comfortably place the ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and dildo rod.
  • 4 padlocks are required (see related items below) to close the steel cuffs.
  • The ankle cuffs are spread 18" apart. The wrist cuffs are 8" apart.
  • Base measures 12" by 12"
  • The entire product measures 18.5" in height and 24" in length.
  • The arm restraints are 4" wide

    Sizing Options:

  • Medium/Large: Wrist Cuffs are 2.5" in diameter, Ankle Cuffs are 3.5" in diameter. This is the ideal size for men.

    How to Use:

  • Have your partner lie down on their stomach.
  • Make sure that the dildo rod is going straight between their legs
  • Fold their legs behind them and place them through the ankle cuffs
  • Bring their arms back and place them through the arm restraint and into the wrist cuffs.
  • Use the adjustment knobs to make sure that they are comfortable.
  • Lock the wrist cuffs and the ankle cuffs with your padlocks.
  • As you're adjusting the tower, make sure also that the dildo rod is inserted into them.
  • Use the 2.5" O-ring at the end of the tower to attach to a collar.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 10 July, 2016 by Anonymous

    Got this for my wife/slave as I wanted to expand the traditional hogtie concept. VERY restrictive and means she's totally helpless and under my control. Might be a bit much for a novice or inexperienced sub, but would recommend it for serious D/s relationships.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 29 July, 2012 by slave 18

    Mistress ordered me to get the Steel Impaler Tower, but She did not indicate what She would do to me beyond locking me in it. When it arrived, She had me set it up on a bondage table right at the gap so that when I was locked in the Tower, my cock and balls would hang down. Mistress then began to prepare me. She locked a tight leather with steel rings cock restraint on me. She then snapped a spiked leather ball parachute around my balls using the tighter set of snaps. She then had me get on the table and slide toward the Tower, making me impale my asshole with the dildo rod. Once I was impaled, She quickly locked my ankles in the Tower cuffs, grasped each of my arms and locked them into their cuffs, adjusting as needed to fit me properly. Grabbing a ring gag trainer, Mistress forced my mouth open, fit the ring in and buckled the remaining straps. She fastened the trainer to the ring on the end of the Tower. Mistress then hung a 5-pound weight from the spiked parachute on my soon to be aching balls. But, that would be only a minor distraction to what Mistress had planned for me. I was now ready for my surprise. My eyes widened in fear as Mistress brought out a fucking machine, fit a long dildo on the end and positioned it in front of me, inserting the dido into my ring gagged mouth. Mistress was going to begin training me for deep throat. She was going to force me to take that dildo down my throat as the fucking machine repeatedly thrust it into me. All I could do was lie there and learn how to take each thrust of the dildo as I fought my urge to gag. Fortunately, Mistress is wise. She started out just moving the fucking machine by hand, watching me closely, allowing me to get used to having the dildo penetrate deeply into my throat and back. The Tower did itís job well as I could not move away from or off of the dildo. When Mistress finally did turn the fucking machine on, She, fortunately for me, left it on itís slow setting. But, as difficult as it was for me to handle, I did handle it. Being locked in the Tower as I was, I was highly motivated to overcome my gag reflex lest I disappoint Mistress. After maybe about half an hour of this, Mistress turned the fucking machine off and pulled the dildo out of my tired mouth. She wiped my drool off the table under my mouth. She then sat in front of me, her wet pussy ready to be properly worshiped by me and my slave tongue. She came several times covering me in her juices in the process. She stuffed her wet panties in my mouth and wound tape around my head, forcing them to stay in my mouth. She left me there for maybe another hour as waves of excitement flowed through my locked up body, impaled asshole and ever aching balls and cock. As I write this, about all I can think of is when will Mistress put me in the Impaler, again, and will She subject me to more deep throat training while locked in it?

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 06 June, 2012 by Big Daddy

    Bought medium large cause I measured my partner's wrists and thought small/medium would be too tight. Turns out medium/large is a bit too big for her wrists and with some effort she can slip her hands through. So I responded by tying thick rope around her wrists so she can't pull her wrists through.

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    Reviewed: Friday 06 April, 2012 by adam arnold

    maybe a strap-on or vac-u-lok option would be good for this piece.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 11 January, 2012 by Debbie Wales

    I didnt have long to wait for hubby to get his revenge. I had just got home from work and taken off my coat when hubby suddenly fastened a pair of handcuffs on me. He stripped off my mini skirt and puuled my blouse and bra back over my arms so I was just standing there in my black knee boots and knickers and tights. He laid me down on the inpaler and put a remote controlled dildo in my fanny by ripping a hole in my tights and then pushing my knickers aside. He then put the impaler rod up my arse and then fully strapped me into the tower using the loop on the end to connect to a collar he had put on me. He also connected the loop to a chain which he had pulled through the rings in my recently pierced nipples. With my favourite ball gag and a blindfold in place I knew that I was going nowhere apart from heaven with the wonderful sensations that went through my body. Eveverytime he used the reemote dildo and I moved, the impaler went deeper in my arse which turned me on even more. Hubby said the sight of my arse moving around clad in tights with my boots still on as well was a wonderfull sight for him. After an hour or so he relaesed me and he then shagged me hard whilst still being ballgagged and blindfolded and hand cuffed. This is a wonderfull toy for two consenting adults that both sexes can enjoy and we look forward to new experiences.

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