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The Scavenger's Daughter


The Scavengers Daughter The Scavengers Daughter The Scavengers Daughter
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If you've built part of your home into a solid dungeon for bondage play, the Scavenger's Daughter could help add to the authenticity and overall sexual pleasures of both partners in play. Imagine having your partner in a corner of your room, ankles and feet bound with metal cuffs. Their neck is also encased in a steel collar. You circle them with your favorite whip or impact toy and proceed to offer up some tasty discipline. The Scavenger's Daughter is a durable device for bondage play.

How to Use:

  • You will receive two parts: the restraint bar with the collar and ankle cuffs attached and the wrist cuffs that are connected by a 3.5" length of chain. One simple way to attach the cuffs to the bar is to use a die cast snap (see related items). Attach one end of the snap to the D-ring of the bar and the other end through the middle link of the chain.
  • Have your partner sit down and place their feet through the ankle cuffs.
  • Then have them place their hands through the wrist cuffs and finally the collar.
  • After you have them locked in place they are at your control. Use your favorite impact toy or "words of encouragement" to show them exactly who is the slave and who is the master.


  • Note that all inches given are in diameter
  • Small/Medium: 2" (wrist cuffs); 3" (ankle cuffs) and 5" (collar).
  • Medium/Large: 2.5" (wrist cuffs); 3.5" (ankle cuffs) and 6" (collar).

    Additional Specifications:

  • When locked in the ankle cuffs are 14" in total length. There is a 6.5" spread between the cuffs.
  • The entire device measures 26.5" in total length.
  • It's made of durable steel and powder coated for a long lasting finish.
  • In spite of the durable steel frame, it's lightweight and easy to carry.
  • 5 masterlocks are required to lock each of the restraints (2 for the wrists, 2 for the ankles and 1 for the collar).
  • A quick link (or other similar item) is necessary to attach the wrist cuffs to the device. See related item below.

    Shipping Notice: Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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    Reviewed: Friday 08 January, 2016 by tim burrows

    My friend gave me the Scavenger's Daughter for Christmas last year (I should say that he gave it to my owner). It stands in the corner of his living room when not in use. When he wants peace and quiet, he locks me in the thing, gags me tightly the clamps my nipples. He pushes back in his easy chair to watch television (and me) while I suffer. He says I should be seen and not heard. The scavenger's Daughter is very uncomfortable at best. The original concept was to torture prisoners. This model does a good job of it.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 01 December, 2011 by Tim Stevens

    Great product, my master realy likes it. Its a real challenge to be restrained in it for hours! But I like it.

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