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The Forced Orgasm Tower


The Forced Orgasm Tower The Forced Orgasm Tower The Forced Orgasm Tower
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Let your slave have a good look at the forced orgasm tower. They will find out soon enough that not only will they be bound to it, but they will be subjected to the pleasurable sensations of any massaging wand that you decide to attach to the device.

After quick and easy installation, place your sub into the metallic structure. Once they are bound using the wrist and ankle restraints, you can have your way with them with any impact toys in your arsenal. For an extra amount of pleasure, take one of your favorite massagers (Hitachi Magic Wands, for example) and place it into the handy holder right near your sub's clitoris. Turn on the massager and watch your sub squirm with delight.

They are unable to use their hands and must succumb to only what you allow them to have. You can give them as little or as much pleasure as you desire. Give them so much that they'll have to cum. Bring them to the edge and then stop. Make them want it. The choices are totally yours.

Specifications: The forced orgasm tower is made of durable steel. It's highly adjustable to fit most individuals (around 6ft). Padlocks are required to secure the wrist restraints, ankle restraints and the collar. The tower stands in a tripod-formation for sturdiness.

Sizing: There are two sizes available to the forced orgasm tower.

  • Small/Medium: Ankle Restraints (3" inside diameter); Wrist Restraints (2" inside diameter); Collar (5" inside diameter)
  • Medium/Large: Ankle Restraints (3.5" inside diameter); Wrist Restraints (2.5" inside diameter); Collar 6" inside diameter)

    Shipping Notice: Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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    Reviewed: Friday 18 March, 2016 by Anonymous

    It's awesome and very well made. To make it even better: get a roll of 2" by 1/8" insulated tape online or at the hardware store. Apply it to the inside of the collar and cuffs and it will be both more comfortable and more restrictive!

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    Reviewed: Friday 19 June, 2015 by Dr\'s Sub Wife

    On a Friday afternoon I received a text from my husband telling me to get a babysitter and meet him at the new hotel that was built at a nearby university. Ever since the hotel was built, my husband and I have been meeting there to have some romantic and kinky private time - it usually ends up with me being tied to the bed having my brains fucked out. I arrived at the hotel in my sexiest little black dress and 5" platform heels. As instructed, I retrieved an envelope from the front desk that contained a room key, a blindfold, and a note which said: "come up to room 412, but before you enter put on the blindfold". As I entered, my husband took me by the hand and guided me into the room. He then stripped me completely naked, except for my heels, and secured a ball gag in my mouth and leather cuffs around my wrists & ankles. I expected to then be tied to the bed spread eagle, but instead he walked me over to a steel pole where he fastened my neck to the pole with a collar, secured my hands behind my back, and locked my legs wide apart. I then felt a vibrator on my clit - it felt so amazing, that I came in minutes. As I was approaching my second orgasm, my husband came up behind me and reached around to pinch my nipples. He began to kiss my neck and then said: "Surprise!". With that he pulled off my blindfold and I discovered that he had positioned me facing the window about 10 feet away - I was looking directly out at the adjacent 5 story parking garage for the university. Although the room was dark and it would not be possible for anyone to see in, I still felt so exposed. My husband whispered in my ear: "I want you to come for all those people" and then he turned the vibrator on high. As I shook my head and grunted into my gag in protest, I couldn't help but watch the dozens of students and staff walking to and from their cars - I had yet another massive orgasm. With the vibrator still humming away on my clit, my husband put something in my hand and sat in the chair next to the window and said: "you now hold the switch that controls the vibrator, but I think you may want to keep it on as long as you can". After cumin for the fourth time I fumbled around to find the switch, all I could think about was getting some relief from the assault on my clit. Finally I was able to switch the damn thing off - but as soon as I did, the lamp on the desk next to me came on. I couldn't believe that my bound and naked body was on display for anyone in the parking garage to see!! My husband then said: "oh, you also control the light". I flipped the switch again and the light went out, but the vibrator started up again. It was then I realized that he had put me in the position of having to choose between "Forced Orgasm" and "Forced Exhibitionism". After a couple of hours I discovered that I was forced to do both.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 28 March, 2015 by Worthless Fuck Whore

    When my master bought this for me he didn't let me see it at first. I entered through the door, scared because I was late. Immediately he ordered me to take my clothes off. I did so and put my corset, and gag on. He blindfolded me and then led me to his dungeon where the tower was. He strapped me in and then took my blindfold off. Then he let me look around to see where I was while he grabbed his cane. Finally when he came back he gave me a couple swing on my ass an then moved to my tits, this was because I was late he explained he said "I will not have you being a stupid whore and showing up five minutes late, if you are going to be a good slave then you will be on time" then he stopped with the cane blindfolded me and turned the vibrator all the way up. I instantly started to cum. A few minutes later he put nipple clamps on me, he started to pinch them and pull them. Then he started to finger my ass, and then all of sudden he shoved his whole fist in. I screamed into the gag as I started to cum again. He pulled his hand out and pulled on my tits again because I am not allowed to speak or make a sound. He was still very the mad that I had been bad so he he took his biggest dildo and shoved it in my mouth (my gag was an open mouth gag) then he started to fuck me in the ass. About an hour after complete pleasure and torture he left me with his industrial fucking machine on high. I was alone the rest of the night cumming. Finally when he came back in the morning he released me and a fell to the ground crying. He has now made me move in with him and he makes me take sex drive pills but he hasn't fucked me weeks. Whenever I'm home my hand hands are chained behind my back and I can't masturbate at work because he told my super that if I'm gone for more than two minutes in the bathroom to tell him. I made that mistake one time and he teased me for a whole weekend.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 06 April, 2014 by Samantha Linnings

    My husband and I have been a huge fan of extreme bondage and we both love the feeling of being restrained to the point of no movement at all. So we decided on buying the orgasm tower because it seemed like it would be a blast. So when I got home from work, he immediately blind-folded me and got me into the tower. He asked if I was comfortable cause he said I wasn't going to be moving for a long time. He began to whip my ass with a leather paddle. And then came the main part. He put a gag on me and put our vibrator in the holder and he put it on high. That's when I started to struggle. He left the room for about ten minutes to get our heavy duty clamps and put them right on my tits. Right when I thought it was over, he brings out our fucking machine and puts it right on my asshole. The feeling was so intense, I started to cum and squirt all over the place. Then he left me there and went out to hang with his friends. He fed me dog food and my own piss for the next 3 weeks. Once he finally let me out, I fell on the floor quivering and he had said that that was only the beginning of my slave training. I began to grown and he then handcuffed me and fucked me in all three holes. I definetly prefer this product to anyone who loves extreme bondage.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 01 June, 2013 by lilslave sam

    I came home one dayand went to my room to find that my mistress had taken the bed out of my room. To my surprise this was set up instead once I was in the room my mistress closed the door, ordered me to strip, and get onto the tower. That morning my mistress had ordered me to put a pair of panties in my pussy, when I got onto the tower she took the panties out stuffed them in my mouth and taped my mouth shut, after that she put an electrified butt plug in my ass, tens pads on my nipples and on either side of my pussy turned the electricity as high as I could stand. After that she put a Hitachi magic wand on my pussy and set it on high. She left me there for 1 week with a bucket under me so I could pee and poop. She fed me dog food and her pee and cum twice a day. I came very hard more times than I have ever came. My mistress has locked me in this with a vibe in my pussy and ass every night since. I cannot wait to be in it for longer than 24 hours again. You feel so submissive, get this for your slave.

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